fake surge

  1. PioneerXi

    Fake Surges

    Fake surges: the type of surge that appears on the map, but you don’t know you won’t get paid for them cause Uber claims it’s a “glitch”. The glitch is there not paying for what is represented to bring you to the area. There are two this morning: Downtown 2. UCSD and Bay Ho...
  2. Mista T

    Another fake airport surge

    Everywhere in Portland is base EXCEPT the airport, with a $8.75 surge. Oh, and with 100+ cars in the lot. FAKE SURGE
  3. Yosoykevo

    Fake surge Osceola Parkway/Animal Kingdom/ 429 & 192

    So I was literally on 192 in West Kissimmee right at the intersection of 192 and black lake road. The whole area was at a 2.0x surge. I got a ping to pick up at the Animal Kingdom Cast rehearsal building (girl was auditioning for Disney Tokyo). Did I receive the surge pricing after I ended the...
  4. The Tenor

    The Perception of a Surge Area/Zone

    Lets see who finds interest in this theory. With no concrete evidence to support my theory. I still found it an interesting possibility. Are surge areas created to help move drivers from one part of town to the other. With no real intention of creating a surge in that particular area...
  5. UberTakesMy$$$

    Uber Stealing Openly

    Charging customers 1.8x showing in Drivers App 1.6x. Clearly stealing on both ends.
  6. tipster98122

    More FAKE surge (AKA Ginger Beard) at airport.

    We've talked about the Ginger Beard (thanks K-pax) hanging around the airport before. And there it was again last night. As I was hanging out in Burien/Normandy Park at that time I thought I'd do a little reconnaissance. So, I followed the Beard. Driving in and out of it for close to 90...
  7. mikewithebike

    Surging in Monmouth County

    This has to be a glitch. Plenty of ants around, no matter where you move the pin on the rider's app. Getting no pings...
  8. the ferryman

    Long pick ups with Uber?

    So, I’ve had one on Lyft - not sure if Uber has them, maybe just not where I am. Anyhoo, if they do then how would that square up with surge zones? You’d figure that if there was real demand in the surge (and lack of supply) then you’d also see long trip notices into the surge zone. Any...
  9. BAKAD

    Uber's fake surge

    Today in the plantation area for over 30 min. in the morning. Surge from 1.2 to 1.5 with drivers showing up on the rider app. every where. No pings coming but surge is there. Uber is so desperate for profits they are creating fake surges screwing their customers. We need to let the riders know...
  10. GGDaddy

    Fake Surge--A Glitch in the Matrix

    Check out this fake surge that our Matrix Architect overlords created in a lazy, obvious manner. The straight lines in a right angle aren't an issue with the map failing to load properly like we often see. I quit & relaunched the app a couple of times, zoomed in, etc. and that is what kept...
  11. Kawiz03


    hmmmm so this area has surged for over an hour and no rides...faker than a strippers top toys boys
  12. Herself

    Fake surge

    I left house running (Harwood heights) high surge all around 20 min later no ping
  13. Dallas007

    'Shiny Object' Surge @ DAL

    Seems to be a new trick to pull drivers into Love Field; at least I've not seen in last 6 months: Surge the DAL property / terminal at 2.0; but raise the surge in the 1 mile radius (excluding the terminal) to 4.5+ e.g. the shiny object At first glance it looks like big surge going on; while in...
  14. SMH Uber

    Shady fake surges going on in West burbs

    I was in the hottest spot possible and I kept getting surges from outside the surge area , 10 to 15 mins away. Oak Brook, Elmhurst area is were the surge was, but got hits in Bellwood and north elmhurst, Villa Park, maywood and westchester. MoSt were pools. I passed on them all. Beware...