fairfield county

  1. M


    I drive in Fairfield County, CT. and I notice that no one tips. Why is that? Is it an Uber rule that we r not aloud to get tips, if so why? I don't think it me because I have a 5 star rating so far. I just started to. Thanks for any feed back.
  2. M

    Driving in Fairfeild County

    I want to go and drive today in Fairfield county. But there is a snow storm today. Is it worth it when there is a snow storm coming. I plan on working a good 8 to 10 hour day roads permitting. I will be around the Stamford area.
  3. Uffda

    Riders to NYC

    How do Southwestern CT drivers feel about rides into NYC or NJ, especially late night? Is it worth it, even though it's almost definitely just one way? Just started driving UberXL on Friday evening. My third trip of the evening was across the Tappan Zee Bridge into NJ, with a stop in...