1. BurgerTiime

    Driver deactivated after woman posts her drivers racist slurrs

    *Warning the following video contains offensive language. An Uber driver identified as Timothy was caught on video launching into a racist tirade against passenger Kiara White, who retaliated with personal insults A white Uber driver and his black passenger engaged in a vicious, emotionally...
  2. dirtylee

    Pax social media

    Uber should let pax add social media to their accounts so that drivers can view it while waiting for the 5 minute countdown. :p
  3. Karl Marx

    Mark Zuckerberg Says He’s Not Resigning, I recall Travis said the same thing.

  4. Karl Marx

    Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: Data could have come from more than 87 million users, be stored i

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/08/politics/cambridge-analytica-data-millions/index.html As you already know this young man is a Canadian. How he got involved so high up and at such a sensitive level is a story in itself. Conservative elites are going to have vet there technology workforce. So how...
  5. Karl Marx

    Ex-Facebook Executive: “You Don’t Realize It But You Are Being Programmed”

  6. Karl Marx

    Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you...imagine what Uber has?

  7. BurgerTiime

    Driver caught on video; Uber self-driving car crashes into another car in Pittsburgh

    Facebook video: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1755020204582075&id=100002223366637&_rdr An Uber self-driving car collided with another vehicle in Pittsburgh on February 24 in an incident first reported by Pittsburgh's channel 11last week. No one was seriously injured, but the...
  8. Faeriefyre

    Whilst we can log in with FB - is there a dedicated FB group?

    That way we can tell each other about large crowds. After the shitty way we are treated by the Cab Industry (can't park here, can't park there). I'd like to be able to contact each other - easier than getting on this website!
  9. Babysnowbyrd

    Anyone create a facebook ad for their own driver referral code?

    I couldn't find any other threads on this specifically. I've thought about setting up my own facebook add for Uber but with my referral code on it for my local market. Anyone know if that's against any terms? I can't find anything that says you CAN'T but maybe someone else has tried...
  10. WeirdBob

    Is Uber now deleting visitor posts to their Facebook Page?

    I suspect they may be ready to cut off all comments to even their inline news feed posts next. https://www.facebook.com/uber/posts_to_page/
  11. UberAnt39

    Hey Uber children - Hacker days are over.

    Just a note to the children at Uber presumably busy hacking together today's latest app update (the one we'll get around 5.15-5.30 today so they can get off to the Playa, QA be dmned), there was a great story in Wired or Vanity Fair recently. When facebook came under direct fire from google with...
  12. J

    Facebook live during rides?

    Has anyone tried using Facebook live during rides?
  13. hondaboy


    I just checked Uber FB page. Anger on this forum is nothing in comparison with pax anger on Uber FB. I understand that human beings are more likely complain than praise but still. However, often you can read that they don't complain on drivers but company. Interesting. Also you can see, the same...
  14. Canada647

    UberX in Toronto - How much are you earning [ via http://www.uberdriver416.com]

    As an UberX Driver in Toronto it is very Likely that you are not turning a profit Profit begins at SURGE is 1.5x or GREATER. Please note that the $.18 /min isnt included. Quite possibly the best way to calculate what you have earned is after you have finished driving a shift to see what you...
  15. scottiesoreal

    Facebook Groups

    Has anyone found or started an El Paso Uber page I Facebook yet? A driver told me there are some Facebook Uber drivers that use the messenger and all that to communicate.

    Thrillist's guide to tipping in NYC. (Uber drivers not included)

    Yesterday, Thrillist posted an article on their Facebook page about tipping in NYC. The first section touched upon Taxis. No mention of Uber drivers. I went to their page and posted a comment on the article post about Tipping your Uber driver and they removed it right away. Posted a 2nd time...
  17. Laz Yoldlug

    Beware of "Curvesides" solicitations!!!

    Got a Facebook friend request yesterday. I thought it might be something related to rideshare so I investigated further. I found the email address and sent them an email asking 3 or 4 simple questions. I also asked to receive specific information as all that the Facebook profile indicated was...
  18. Deedee2daxtreme


    Hello, Please join Rhode Island Uber Drivers facebook group and our Zello channel. We use Facebook & most importantly to abide by the no texting while driving laws, we use Zello, a walkie takie app, to network with fellow RI Uber Drivers while we are out on the road to help with surges...
  19. Justuber

    Order Uber from Facebook Messenger

    Uber is joining with Facebook to allow riders to order a ride from Messenger app.