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ez pass

  1. ÜberKraut

    Does Uber EVER include Tolls Automatically?

    According to the App/Web Site we are AUTOMATICALLY to be paid tolls. Uber recommends using my EZ Pass which is what I do. I have yet to receive a payment for tolls AUTOMATICALLY? It took TWO E-MAILS to resolve this issue. PITA! Anyone else have this issue?
  2. G

    Getting my TLC license

    So I'm currently in the process of acquiring my TLC license to drive Uber & Lyft in New York City. I'm aware I must have all my tickets paid "Traffic/Parking" or the TLC will hold my license once I pass the Exam but do I need to also have my Ez Pass tickets that are past due paid as well in...
  3. Jose22

    Ez tag

    Hello everyone , i have like 3 - 4 weeks without being charged by the tolls, Does anyone have the same problem? I should raise my balance or wait for then to charge me ?
  4. Nagodesi

    EZ-Pass - Green pass for Hybrid Vehilces

    I recently acquired the Green Pass, it's NJ EZ-Pass for hybrid vehicles. They are giving about 10 to 20% off off peak times in all NJ/NY bridges, tunnels, turpike, parkway discounts.. I belive in-order to qualify for green pass, you vehicle must get 45 mpg. All you have to do is fax them your...