1. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Eyes are bloodshot after 5 hours of driving. Why?

    Last night I ended my night and drove into a gas station along the way home to refresh myself and such... I looked in mirror and was horrified! My eyes are bloodshot.: I'm trying to understand why after driving for 5 hours ride-share, my eyet get this way. Here's the thing, I routinely drive...
  2. Howard Cammeray

    What a difference a phone makes!

    i know the topic is old enough to vote but..... Have just dumped my $299 kogan Agora with a gorgeous big screen, because my life has been nothing but spinning routes and freezes requiring reboots of the software and hardware, of late. Got a budget priced Samsung (A5), and instantly, no more...
  3. Fireguy50

    Red LED Tactical Dome Lights for better night vision (video)

    Front Map Lights have been converted to Ford Police Interceptor Tactical RED LED's, which is the best color light for retaining your night vision ability at 600nm wavelength. The regular 3000K LED dome lights are about 500nm, which are bad for night vision. BLUE 400nm wavelength is the worst and...