extra cash

  1. Metropia

    Earn an extra $0.25/mile and up to $100 day

    Hi everyone! Metropia is back to calibrate it's navigation behavior and your help is greatly appreciated! Here’s the deal: We’re launching a new navigation app in the NY area soon, and although we’ve conducted a several rounds of successful testing we still need more miles logged on our app to...
  2. August1


    Do any of you drive for uber and lyft with an ad on your rear window? I want to do that for some extra money but I don't know how. I tried wrap match but they scammed me. I can't call them, they won't call me and the send me junk email. I also have Vugo but that's a worthless app with no ads on...
  3. August1

    I want to earn extra cash!

    I want to make extra cash while driving for uber and lyft. Any ideas? What do you do to earn more? I dried vugo but it doesn't have any paid ads in San Diego. I bought a tablet and wifi for my car and it made my bill higher. What els could I do? Thanks :)
  4. August1

    Vugo issues

    During each ride, vugo ads are being displayed the entire time. But at the end of each trip it says "ads shown: 0". What's the deal with that? Have any of had this happen? How did you fix it? Thank you! P.s. This is my first post. I just joins ten minutes ago :D