extra $$

  1. mobilads

    How do drivers in NYC make time for a side-hustle?

    mobilads is offering drivers $200 this month to get their car wrapped with an advertisement by MetroPCS in NYC. It’s quick and convenient. Learn more and schedule your wrap appointment here if you're based in NYC: mobilads.co/metro Meet Faiz Abili who just got his car wrapped!
  2. W

    Anyone heard of Box'd

    Hi! I just saw a Facebook ad for getboxd.co.uk and was wondering if anyone has used them? You can make extra cash by selling products in your car
  3. QLDUberDriver

    Uber is asking drivers if they want to provide other on-demand services

    Uber is now finding other ways to rip off the poor and hard working. Always sounds good but we all know how it turns out for Uber and driver pockets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uber is asking drivers if they want to provide other on-demand...
  4. A

    can uber drivers place marketing material in their vehicles

    wanting to know if uber drivers can have magnetic signs on their cars while they are driving in the city? thanks
  5. S

    Even the nice pax want a tipping feature

    I drove a really nice pax. They asked me if the app has a tipping feature and i said, "aww too bad all drivers would love that". They say, "no i cant leave u like that" and give a $4 tip on a $7 ride. See, get the pax to support us since uber is a slave to the pax.