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express pay

  1. 5spdturbo

    Suspicious Payout Attempt

    Got a text today... "There was a suspicious payout attempt on your Uber account for $94.28 to a card ending in XXXX. Please reset your password if this wasn't you." Then I received an email with a little more detail...gave the login city (Bronx, NY) and an IP address for the suspicious device...
  2. djmc

    Any updates on Lyft Express Pay?

    Just wondering if anyone knows about any updates about Lyft Express Pay and when they might think of implementing it here. Anyone?
  3. Kawiz03

    Manual review Lyft

  4. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Express Pay Delay All of a Sudden? Anyone Else?

    So I've had probably over 20 instant payouts by this point, always easy, no issues whatsoever... ....All of a sudden yesterday I get a message on the app which quickly goes away before I can read it, but it said something to the effect of "deposit may take" and I assume it said may take longer...
  5. XLR8

    Unpaid Lyft express pay!

    Started working Lyft early December and used the express pay twice but have not gotten the pay, it’s been over a month now and have called Lyft support twice only to be told that they have to activate it first on their end. After reassuring me that I would not have any more issues with it, I...

    Express Pay Amount Missing

    So as I was driving back from Queens I check my Earnings on the LYFT app, and find it reads "0.00". I've been working since 10 PM. So I pull over & email LYFT & as I'm typing this up the money magically appears back in the earnings section. I thought I'd been hacked for a min. Anyone else ever...
  7. Frank Underwood

    Lyft Express Pay Issues

    This immoral and evil company is not paying me instantly. They say there is an issue with my bank (Chase) yet I called Chase and they say they never receive any notifications regarding anything and read out all of my transactions. Why is Lyft so immoral and evil? Has anyone ever experienced...
  8. Quatro40

    Paypal Updated their debit cards to chip and now they don't work for expresspay or cashout.

    Like the title says. What bank are you using that is currently compatible with both systems? I was using PNC but they disabled the option for both companies after the 10th cashout.
  9. S

    Not So Express Pay

    I did my first express pay on Monday just to see how fast it really is. The transfer was for a little over $1,200. It's now Thursday and I still have not received the funds. Is this normal? If I knew it would take this long, I would just have waited. I bank with Chase, by the way.
  10. Quatro40

    Have you been able to link Uber GoBank debit for express pay on Lyft?

    I tried last night to add the Uber Gobank debit card to Lyft payments so I can get express pay from Lyft into GoBank but kept getting an error saying "This card doesn't appear to be a debit card" . Tried with my Paypal debit and works fine.
  11. cbskywarn

    Lyft Express Pay Issue

    I'm relatively new to Lyft and Uber. This topic is specifically for Lyft though. On my app, of which I have a regular 4 door sedan for regular 'Lyft' rides as well as a Van for 'Plus' rides, I have the option for Express Pay at just $5 earnings. My girlfriend who signed up at the same time as...
  12. T

    Lyft express pay with Santander?

    used to have TD bank and Lyft express pay was always there within 10 minutes which was great but TD bank is americas most inconvenient Bank so I just switched to Santander. Was just wondering if anyone has experience using express pay with them? Haven't tried yet but I just want to know what to...
  13. U

    express not working

    Hello all my express used to work, until today, I can't even though my balance is higher than $50... when I go into dashboard, the place where I can edit/change my card, that button is no longer there... what could be wrong? please help....
  14. T

    How do I know if my Lyft fare is under review?

    please someone tell me if this looks like my fare is under review because I did a ride that Was 130 miles yesterday in a prime time and I haven't gotten paid for it and it is showing "$0 in progress" on my driving history. I emailed Lyft and they don't answer. And if it is under review how long...
  15. T

    Why are my Lyft earning not showing up?

    So it all started yesterday I had a trip that was 130 miles long in a prime time. Did the trip and after i was done it didn't show a total all it had on the screen was the rating for the passenger. Until now it still says $0 in progress and every trip I did after that is coming up in my earnings...
  16. Cubgeek

    Missing Lyft express payments

    I am missing my last 6 express payments from Lyft. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, I expected them to show up with the regular weekly deposit since they didn't arrive when expected, but I didn't get the regular weekly deposit on Wednesday as usual and it didn't show up today.
  17. O

    Bank Acct Negative. Thanks Lyft!!

    Ive been browsing the forum for some time now. Being that im a 5 star rated driver who uses the lyft rental program i must share to help others avoid my mistake.. Summer 16' i started driving lyft. Driving 32hrs a week i was making 1200-1500.. Was going so good i even quit my job , reason being...
  18. L

    Lyft Just royally screwed their Hertz renters

    So Lyft integrated Hertz with their Express Drive program making it easier to renew a rental and get a car. There's just one problem Express Drive is a giant rip off. They boast being able to rent the car for a low price or free every week depending on how many rides you take, but the cost is...
  19. F

    Express Pay

    Has anybody been having issues with express pay? My last one took 4 days to get into my account. The one I have now is on day 3 and still nothing. I e-mailed support and they said they were having issues that have since been resolved. But it doesn't seem resolved. My express pays used to...
  20. Aash

    What's the catch in Lyft "express pay"

    Anyone tried the lyft express pay ? Is there additional charge to get paid the next day or this kind generosity from Lyft ?