expired license

  1. N

    Can I keep my TLC plates if my license got expired ?

    So here is a little story..I got a new job so finished working for taxi. My License got expired (along with vehicles license) long ago but I still have TLC plates and TLC insurance. Now question ! I want to rent out my car with TLC plates, but I have to pass inspection, to pass inspection I...
  2. C

    Expired TLC license renewal

    Hello guys! I wonder if I will be able to renew my expired license after a year of the expiration date.
  3. S

    Deactivated after background check found expired license ticket

    Just wanted to make everyone aware that uber re ran my BC and i was deactivated due to an expired license ticket i got back in jan. Had stopped driving for a while at the time then resigned up in march with all up to date docs and had been driving for them until oct when i got an email that said...
  4. Jadwiga Basecki

    Will Uber accept someone who just renewed expired license?

    In order to renew my license I will need to pay up old tickets. The total payment is significant and, not being able to work for Uber anyway, after the payment is made, would be devastating. Thus question: Will Uber accept someone who just renewed expired license?
  5. kraftlos

    Expired license

    So I was out of town and forgot to renew my license. I came back and found myself locked out of Lyft and Uber. No problem, I renewed my license and sent in my temporary license. Both rejected my license. I had to email Uber several times before getting them to accept my license. Lyft is still...