1. Pschynoll

    Looking for Interview partners (will pay 20$ per Interview)

    Hi all, my name is Paul, I'm a 24-year-old student from the south of Germany. I am looking for Interview partners, for a thesis written at the University of Augsburg: - The interviews would be held via Skype, around 45 minutes each - I would be offering compensation of 20$ per interview (via...
  2. C

    Don't believe the hype!

    So let me preface this by saying that there's a special place in hell for companies that build their brand by taking advantage of others (although this seems to be a familiar trend these days). This has turned out to be the biggest waste of time and money. Here's my story - I've been driving...
  3. Jake B

    Account on hold investigation a complaint... 8th day on hold

    Hi everyone, SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED. My account has been on hold for over a week and I can't get an answer from Uber Support to save my life. An incident occurred where the lady was drunk and starting to get sick. I pulled over into a parking lot of an adult video store (closest place to...
  4. Mista T

    Do you remember when it happened?

    Do you remember when you changed from being a green fool who would wait 15 minutes at pickup, help drunks buckle up, wait for drive thrus and grocery stores, let people eat cheeseburgers in your car, and so on? Does anyone remember a specific turning point in their driving days? I remember...
  5. grain of salt

    Can Lyft drivers answer these questions?

    Hi, If you're a Lyft driver, may you please answer these questions below? I'm curious to see your answers about your experience driving for Lyft. If you do not feel comfortable answering some questions, you can skip them but if you can, please answer them all. Thank you very much! 1. How...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Lyft is adding automatic tipping

    https://www.engadget.com/amp/2018/11/15/lyft-changes-for-tipping-and-rating/ And default 5 star rating! Lyft is launching another campaign to improve the experience for its drivers, and at least a few of the changes could affect you as a passenger. In December, it's conducting a limited launch...
  7. LadyJ8A

    Background Check Minimum 1 Year Driving?

    My question is... Does Uber Background check qualify driving with Learner's Permit as valid licensed driving experience? A learner's permit is literally a valid driver's license with restrictions "With that in mind, a learner's permit is permission to drive even though it comes with certain...
  8. N

    My Lyft passenger experience

    TL;DR -- Don't use Lyft as a passenger. Use Uber. I went to the Sox game on Monday night so I parked in the city near Boston Common and decided to take a Lyft over to Fenway.. had to get the true rider experience. From this I learned two things: (a) Lyft as a passenger experience is horrible...
  9. Kawiz03

    How many OG Members are still with us

    I know Ubering isn't for everyone but was wonder of many of us masochist are still in the game since the post started. Me been here since 2015 both driving and blogging..where my other OG's at?
  10. astoriadriver

    Insurance Question - Adding Driver to Policy

    I am in the process of finding a part-time or full-time driver and so far my insurance company - american transit - has denied the last two prospective drivers because of lack of driving experience. Has anyone else dealt with this? I am still waiting to hear back from my broker about how...
  11. R

    Hourly Rental experience with Uber

    Hi everyone- TGIF! I am thinking about Hourly Rental experience. Has anyone tried? Is it easy to signup and book? Problems? Thanks
  12. T

    Advice on drivers journey blog

    Hi I'm new here so I'm not sure what's allowed and what isn't. Recently i was asked by a few people whether to have a blog documenting the interesting people that I come across. I'm wondering what the rules are - would this be crossing Confidentiality if I omit their name and where they were...
  13. AVLien

    Has anyone tried "Uzurv"?

    Apparently "Uzurv" allows pax to request & schedule drivers ahead of time. I have installed it, & made an account, but I haven't received any requests yet. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback to share on the platform.
  14. DallasDriver86

    how's your uber driving experience in Fort Myers?

    I am moving back to Fort Myers area after 4 years..Probably lot of things have changed since I left...I will probably do uber as a hobby....anyone have any bad experiences so far?
  15. C

    Is Being an Uber Driver Being Your Own Boss?

    Hi all! I am a young researcher and I was impressed to find out about this forum where you guys help each other with advices and ideas. I am very curious to know if you feel as an entrepreneur driving for Uber and if yes, why? I would really appreciate if you could share some stories with me...
  16. Edman

    Buckhead Night Club Incident-Atlanta

    I am a new driver in Atlanta. Last night, I had a bad experience picking people up at the Buckhead area. So, anyway, I arrived to the bar/club location to pick up the passengers. But the night club was too busy and may people were pushed into the streets and I could not pull my car in front of...
  17. Edman

    UberPool Passenger Did Not Know I was Picking Up Another Passenger

    Yesterday, I picked up a passenger that requested for Uber pool service. But she did not know I can pick up others on the way to her destination. So anyway, I picked up 2nd passenger and She felt awkward sitting next to a strange man I just picked up, He was drunk and asking her personal...
  18. RightTurnClyde

    Driving During The Day

    I don't drive daytime (never have), but I have this week free of my normal schedule, so I'm giving it a try. Early this morning I got some surge rides and am now sitting out rush hour (also no surge where I'm at). Just questioning you all if surges pop up regularly in the daytime or is it pretty...
  19. Boston Rides

    Risky operating in Boston/Logan?

    Hi Drivers I'm researching rideshare in Boston area; Does anyone have information or personal experience on receiving tickets from Boston PD for operating an illegal taxi service (aka Uber/Lyft drivers)? Media impression in Boston makes ride share not only risky but partially illegal. Looking...
  20. AllenChicago

    What is Your Most Unusual Experience with a Passenger??

    Greetings Lyft colleagues! I've only driven for Lyft, started in November 2015, only work 3 hours a day, and have just 57 rides under my belt. But I've already had a really memorable passenger experience... Picked up a passenger 2 days ago who was super happy and almost drunk. Middle aged...