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  1. S

    Exit plan

    This important topic isn't talked about much at all! I think everyone agrees that theres no future in app driving and doubt anyone plans to do it forever. And things are getting worse by the day. What are your exit plans? How much longer are you going to do this and how are you planning to get out?
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber’s largest shareholder wants it to exit Africa and Asia

    https://qz.com/1183770/softbank-wants-uber-to-quit-africa-india-asia-after-investment/ Uber could soon be pulling out of some international markets, including 15 African cities, if its new majority shareholder has its way. A new $8 billion investment by a consortium led by SoftBank, the...
  3. BurgerTiime

    High court in Demark uphold ruling and hands down hefty fines to Uber drivers

    https://www.thelocal.dk/20180116/danish-court-fines-uber-driver-half-a-million-kroner One of the men received a fine of 486,500 kroner (65,300 euros) for 5,428 Uber journeys in 2015. The others received fines of 110,000 kroner (14,700 euros), 60,000 kroner (8,000 euros) and 40,000 kroner (5,300...
  4. 1AlaskanAssassin

    What do I do if I miss an exit etc, and the trip takes longer than the pax expected?

    Hey, new driver here in L.A. I did try searching for this, I'm sure it's been answered somewhere. I was just wondering what the correct thing to do is, if for instance I miss an exit and the trip takes a little longer or further then the passenger expected. I read the post about ending the...