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  1. PH driver on the K

    Using your own car on AL exec, Excel exec or similar

    Has anyone here have any experience with the above please? Can you work both simultaneously? Or another firm I haven’t considered? Currently I work Friday and Saturday night for my local office in the burbs which is fine but I’m not getting enough time in London to help me with my knowledge...
  2. Halfmybrain

    Can I import/download pay, miles,etc.?

    Is Driver pay, miles, etc. for a long span of time (2018)downloadable from Uber Partner Payments (or elsewhere) into Excel?
  3. Unleaded

    Converting Uber Transactions to CSV Format

    Is there an Easy to Follow, plain English instruction tutorial on converting Uber Rideshare transactions to CSV format for importing or exporting the data into an Excel spreadsheet or other record keeping program?
  4. B

    Cant download pay statements anymore!

    Go try right now. Call the support number and have them tell you to go to a green light hub for the copy. did you want to run an equation on your excel doc and calculate a bunch of stats on your earnings? tough shit according to uber
  5. AVLien

    Local Uber Surge History Spreadsheet (Gratis)

    Hello all, I have made an Excel spreadsheet that aggregates local surge data from Surge Chaser. Everyone else will have to compile their own data for their own locale, but youse guys can just correct the CSV paths & use the thing if you want. You will have to start adding your own data in the...
  6. KeJorn

    Rate Comparisons: Uber, Lyft, GetMe, YellowCab

    Attached is a PDF of the spreadsheet I created. To view the spreadsheet, download it from dropbox (no other way to attach an Excel Spreadsheet from what I can see). Excel Spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tlz66l2o38nwyv3/TNC_RateComparison_v1.9.xlsx?dl=0 With the spreadsheet, manipulate...