1. eclipse3256

    May 8th nationwide strike.

  2. koala85

    Ewr surge problem

    Hi everyone while you are waiting at the Newark airport and surge is 2.4 are you getting request with no surge?Im a tlc driver.Or somewhere else in Nj inside the surge and getting requesr with no surge I have a video too also Im was checking as a passenger pick up ewr terminal a to Hoboken...
  3. Bart Iceberg

    Lamb Kebab (at EWR rs waiting lot)

    I must admit that the lamb kebab at the EWR rideshare waiting lot was great. Anyone tried something else from them? :chicken:
  4. BkS

    Airport Ban

    Anyone had success get reinstated to pick up at airports again? I got banned from airport pickup and drops off because of cancellations they claim. They claim it’s permanent but hoping someone can recommend advice
  5. RightTurnOnRed

    Breaking News...EWR rideshare lot Food Truck

    Food truck has been relocated. The food truck now sits next to the Porta Potty in case drivers develop a case of Mudd Butt after eating.
  6. jason8981

    XL Filter @ EWR

    Does the XL ONLY filter work at EWR? Seems like when it’s set, one is removed from the Que!
  7. Pizzaburrito

    TSA warns Friday might be its busiest day ever for screening passengers

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2018/06/27/tsa-friday-could-near-record-airline-travelers-topping-2-6-million/737356002/ "Airlines forecast a record number of travelers this summer, with 246 million people flying from June 1 to Aug. 31. TSA Administrator David...
  8. HudsonDriver4Hire

    40 YEAR Redevelopment Proposal to Make EWR "World Class"

    https://articles.nj.com/traffic/index.ssf/2018/06/will_a_visionary_plan_to_build_a_new_newark_airpor.amp Jesús, María, y José! Get your wallets, your popcorn, and your burial plots ready! ('cause some of us won't be, or want to be, alive to see this completed)
  9. BkS

    Overpacked queue

    Am I only one that noticed since TLC is no longer allowed to go point to point, instead of less cars in EWR, somehow the queue has grew by a lot. Other day I waited for 5 hours before a ping came and i was on all calls X and XL. Past week has been horrendous
  10. mikewithebike

    Skip the queue after a short airport trip...

    I received this email today. I don't know why they sent this to me because when I drop off at the airport, I get the hell back to the shore: "Michael, have you ever waited at the airport only to get a trip that didn’t pay off? We know it can be frustrating, so we’re improving the airport...
  11. UberPete1911

    Child with measels @EWR Monday 12, 2018.

    Read it and see if you were exposed. Terminal B, exposure. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/03/if_you_were_just_at_newark_airport_you_may_have_be.html#incart_river_mobile_index
  12. Chi Bones

    Eureka Moment - Destination Surge

    I think I just had a Eureka moment - I am probably not the 1st one to have this idea, but I haven’t seen the term “Destination Surge” anywhere - Uber & Lyft should put in a “Destination Surge” for rides that are going to a heavily crowded location. For example - Manhattan in December is a...
  13. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Lyft EWR Improvement?

    Does anyone here even get anything out of Lyft's queue?? The "Learn more" link is useless btw: https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/articles/214589477-Receiving-FIFO-Pickup-Requests
  14. T

    Hustlers picking up uber pax at EWR

    I noticed a pax waiting for uber x at terminal B, while waiting, driver canceled on him. A hastlar waiting nearby asked him if he needs ride. Pax said f. Uber , yes i want to go to nyc, how much. Hustlar responded, $69 + tool + tip, customer agreed and uber lost 40-50 commission. Thanks to...
  15. burgerflipper

    my experience waiting in the ewr rideshare lot

    boy do i have a lot to post, and no time. so i'll be brief i dropped off a lyft pax at ewr and use the Lyft app to find my way to the rideshare lot. while im still at the terminal, i get an instaping. i call, they say jersey. i ask them to cancel, they claim that they get charged a fee. i tell...
  16. Douglas

    EWR Queue

    So I drove through Newark Airport today on my way to Manhattan with the destination filter on...got a red bar on top of my screen telling me to leave the queue area. I sent a message to Uber asking about this and of course response was that there is no queue at Newark and I should...
  17. Barbj379

    Picking up in NJ

    So I'm about 4 or 5 e-mails deep with Uber's customer service on my issue, which is regarding pick-ups in NJ (specifically at EWR). I understand why so many people are unsatisfied with the customer service/technical support from Uber, both in-person and through e-mail. You're basically dealing...
  18. tucstwo

    Questioning the Accuracy/Legitimacy of Surge...

    Here's why: This was a screenshot I took of an EWR Surge a couple of weeks ago. Now, I'm really not so concerned about the fact that the Northern side of the airport is at 1.6x and the southern part is at 1.4. It's plausible to me that one of the terminals is more busy than one of the others...
  19. Xris Xros

    Ticketed at Newark Airport

    So I never go to the newark airport for pickups because I was afraid I might get a ticket. But that all changes few weeks ago when I started getting email from Uber about a deal struck with the city of newark. Anyways I got a ticket for (operating limo without proper registration) yesterday at...
  20. S

    Newark Airport Pool ***Uber Fraud***

    I picked up a pool yesterday going into NYC. I went into my personal app and saw that uber charges customer 32 vs 42. I choose to test and picked up customer. Picked up customer 2, as coincidence would have it, I knew her. She also confirms the rate of $32. I drop both passengers off and...