1. Kurt Halfyard

    DEAR LYFT: Please Educate Your RIDERS on ETIQUETTE

    (In this spirit of this thread: ) This costs nothing to do, and LYFT knows it has a reputation of sending out long pings to its drivers. LYFT should automatically send a message if...
  2. A

    Driver etiquette

    I was very surprised to be caught up in a situation with another driver. Here is what happened: I wasn’t logged on, I had my work truck (26’ box truck) arriving at a local hotel here in Tampa for an election event. I pulled my truck into a lot that was restricted and I had been advised by the...
  3. MHR

    Manly Ride-share Etiquette

    Jeremy nailed it! Jeremy Anderberg | August 3, 2018 Etiquette, Travel, Travel & Leisure The Etiquette of Ride Sharing (Uber, Lyft, Etc.) Ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft have nearly made taxis obsolete. While these services are similar to taxis, they of course aren’t exactly alike...
  4. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Airport Drop offs and the issue of tipping

    Hello Community, would like to know if you have dropped and picked up PAX with luggage at airport and have or have not received any tips? I had my first Airport drop off and the passenger had a full size suitcase which I helped her to load into my trunk at the start of the trip. Afterwards...
  5. Uber::)A

    Poll: Do you ever hold the door open for your passengers?

    When is it appropriate to hold the door open for your passengers? Never? Sometimes? only if they're Rich?
  6. The Skadoosh

    Tips in Jacksonville vs other areas in FL

    I was in the Tampa area (st. Pete and clear water to be exact) for a cpl weeks due to the passing of a family member. While there I drove in between the services and spending time with family. I made DOUBLE the money I make in Jax and received tips on at least 50% of my trips. Then I come back...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Passenger Etiquette

    Consider these tips to being a better Uber passenger in the U.S. or overseas: