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  1. Rahlo

    Uber ETA DIA to Colo. Springs: 54mins. Lol.

    Locals know it's BS but travelers are wondering why We can get to Ft. Collins in 50mins at rush hour. Just setting me up for listening to loud sighs from the backseat. These must be ETAs for UberHelicopter.
  2. pizza guy

    How far do you go?

    Obviously this is very low downtown and much higher in the outlying suburbs. Last night I was in near Rt 59 and North Ave (Rt 64) and kept getting 16-20 minute pings for Elgin until I finally logged off so I didn't kill my acceptance rate. Was nobody working Elgin last night? And if I am that...
  3. Connect4Uber$


    Uber chooses to give me riders who are actually not near me. the trip before this one was actually 14 minutes Eta, after i accepted thinking it was a minute away. I told the rider and they canceled on me. waste of energy..