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  1. johnydynamic

    What billing/payment errors have you seen?

    Hello. What billing/payment errors have you seen, other than improperly credited cancellation fees (I’ve seen that one). I’m not a rookie. 2+ years w 2000+ rides. I just haven’t noticed anything other than BS with cancellation payments. Thanks.
  2. H

    Boost guarantee not working right.

    Hey guys I had two fare boost that didn't show up in my statement for today. So be careful and check and audit your trips to make sure you are being paid correctly. I reached out to uber and after a couple attempts got them to add the boost. Also, I had to go back and forth with their lame...
  3. TriadUberGoober

    Erroneous Pin Locations & Addresses!

    What is it with Uber? I regularly am sent pick up locations where the pin is nowhere near the correct location. It might be several blocks or more away. Two nights ago I was sent to a street address that was wrong and it took about six minutes to get to the actual location, which was very close...
  4. Driver Zero

    My first big screw up...

    I don't claim to be the perfect driver and never make mistakes, so I thought I'd share what happened the other day and the end result as well for your amusement/information. In case you ever do something like this, rest assured it worked out fine. Anyway, I picked up a pax at the airport, -...