1. Uguy22

    Trip Duration

    I thought to be fortunate getting the time it takes to complete a trip before accepting it. That is until today. The first ping hit me as I was leaving my parking garage: 4 mn away, 7 minute trip. I picked up the rider and started the trip: Surprise!! 44 minutes, Schaumburg ...
  2. lady_goodman

    help! :[

    So I've been trying for 4 weeks now to solve this issue with Uber and have gotten nowhere - so now I'm looking for help elsewhere. I signed up to drive for Uber via their Zipcar partnership. I found out that that is really super inconvenient and never ended up using it. I've finally decided...
  3. Nightrider_73

    Request timeout errors

    Anyone else getting the dreaded “There was an error and the request timed out” message? Has happened on my last 2 pings in a row.
  4. Scott Kaiser

    Upcoming Quests not showing in Promotions section

    I haven't gotten any quest updates the past 2 weeks. The only promotions I have gotten have been Delivery promotions for Boulder and Lafayette as well. However, this morning I noticed that there was a quest available from 6am to 9am for 5 trips for $25. It would have gladly gone for the quest...
  5. Chad Pitt

    Am I Crazy

    I'm kinda new to this but what happened yesterday doesn't seem right. If any of you more experienced folks could set me straight I'd sure appreciate it. I did a Pool ride yesterday. On checking the ride details I found that: Charge to Rider: $25.23 Driver Share: $9.79 Uber Share: $15.44...
  6. I

    [Android] app keeps crashing

    App (normal uber app, not drivers app) keeps crashing on modded Android 7 with Lenovo P2 stock software. Tried to patch the app, didn't do anything. Tried a lot of different apk's, all crashing. Don't have other crashing apps. Anyone able to help me?
  7. christina g


    Hi Guys, i didn't see a thread for riders so i hope its okay to post here. I don't drive through uber , but I'm currently traveling in Mexico in a city where UBER is the best way to get around ,however every time i request a ride...I get a "error in processing your request". I've sent two...
  8. Surgeless in Seattle

    Uber Ride Requests Only Work When Top App

    Here's the deal - if any app but Uber is the top/in use app on my phone - I do not get a ride request. If I am in an Uber ride and using Waze, when I end the ride I get notified of how many rides I missed! Lyft requests come through loud and clear. I've tried everything. Deleting and...
  9. James Worley

    500 error

    Who else had issues logging onto the Uber app today and received a 500 error each time ?
  10. shackelstar

    Shifts Not Showing Up Under Offers

    I have been checking the app right when the hour changes for days now, and shifts will NOT pop up in my "Offers" section. Has this happened to anyone else? It's been days and I haven't been able to make any money. Of course, the Flex Support team has been a total joke.
  11. hoosierxheart

    "The System is Currently Closed"

    For a week now, I have been unable to get into the Lyft Platform to drive. It all started after I was required to update my Insurance, which mind you, STILL HAD A MONTH left!! I updated, got the notification is was approved, and now I can't drive. I've been going back and forth with...
  12. Kawiz03

    Surprise Uber is Down!!!

    Wtf this bs "Technology Company" app down sitting in Dupont Area who else??
  13. Edman

    What's Going On? Picked Up 4 trips today.....Is this Normal?

    What's Going on? Picked up 4 trips early this morning. By noon it showed I received 5 stars from All 4 Trips. But now those 4 trips are all gone. Back to yesterday’s Grand Total Trip. Is the Norm?
  14. M

    Not receiving requests

    Hi there, so I havent been receiving hardly ANY lyft requests over the last two days. Usually ill have requests at LEAST every hour. After going without ANY requests for 4 hours I decided to try from a friends phone to request a lyft(he was right next to me). He tried at least 4 times and each...
  15. uberjulio

    UBER map is not equal to the driver

    I have many complaints about errors map, pay less miles, beware
  16. MikeZZtop

    Uber Partner App error message

    I am getting an error message of "ACCOUNT NOT ACTIVATED" when I try to use UBER PARTNER on my IPhone. My IPhone is up to date w/ IOS 9. I have allowed “Trust Uber Technologies, Inc." I cannot get any help from Uber and repeatedly e-mailed them. Anyone have any idea as to what the problem could be?
  17. 1AlaskanAssassin

    What do I do if I miss an exit etc, and the trip takes longer than the pax expected?

    Hey, new driver here in L.A. I did try searching for this, I'm sure it's been answered somewhere. I was just wondering what the correct thing to do is, if for instance I miss an exit and the trip takes a little longer or further then the passenger expected. I read the post about ending the...
  18. Jared910

    Server Error, Cannot End Ride For 26 Hours Now

    For the last 26 hours, my Uber driver app has been stuck in a ride. When I try to end the ride, I just get "Server Error". I have tried literally everything to fix it, uninstalling app, turning off phone, resetting network settings, etc. All to no avail. This morning when I opened my app, I...
  19. uberjulio

    ¡Ups! Código de error: 404

    ¡Ups! Código de error: 404 Our specialty is to take you wherever you go, but we can not take you to the page you have requested :( you can not see the details of the trip?
  20. T

    Lyft App Won't Display Prime-Time Zones

    Hello all, I'm very new driver, currently just for Lyft. I noticed today that my Lyft app would show the banner indicating "prime time 25-50% more" etc, but there was no area marked in red on the map. I can zoom around all over my state, but the app doesn't seem to display any prime zones. Am...