1. RideShareJUNKIE

    Other? Really?

    I was taking a survey for LYFT about the driving experience feedback and features vs UBERs. As I was finishing up it was asking the usual survey demographic questions (age, income, etc). The the Gender TAB came up and I saw this for the first time in my life as an option. (i've done lots of...
  2. S

    NY State Petition | Have Uber abide by standards already in place

    https://limoinsights.com/ Hello Everyone...I'm a driver in NYC... Below is a copy & paste from a thread I pasted in the NYC forum. Hello All...Everyone please read the petition above and sign. Uber & TNC app sharing companies are unfortunately about to expand to UpState NY. This petition is...
  3. J

    pay issues

    I've been having issues with Uber paying me fairly. Ive only been working for a month, but almost daily I have to email uber support about a pay issue. Sometimes the fare comes up as lower than the minimum fare, sometimes the fares uber charges are even lower than the fare summary. Ive had a...