1. Kurt Halfyard

    This is How An Electric Vehicle Can Work For RideShare

    PAX: "Is this an EV?" Me: "Well, it is, until it isn't." This is the beginning of a conversation that I have at least 10 times a week with riders on LYFT. I certainly do not mind this conversation, as I started doing this side-hustle to maximize the utility of a depreciating asset (my car)...
  2. CoolAnt


    I had a rider today who threw his cigarette on the ground before getting into my car. Honestly, I witness this behaviour by riders at least once a week and it's starting to bother me. How hard is it to wait until you find a bin? Are these people ignorant and uneducated or just selfish human...

    Inviting San Francisco Drivers Concerned by Unnecessary "Circling"...

    NO MORE UNNECESSARY CIRCLING, SAVE$ WEAR and TEAR (on cars and the environment) We're supper excited to invite San Francisco based ride-share drivers to participate in testing an innovative app that aims to solve an ongoing dilemma they face servicing highly congested urban area(s). Our app...
  4. UberNOT4me

    Travis K Cares about the Environment

    View Travis Ks TED Talk video here: He cares about the environment so thats why he introduced UberFool. So far he has taken 1.4k metric tons of CO2 out of air right here in Los Angeles. This guy deserves an Award! Thank You Travis