1. P

    Driving Boulder

    Boulder PD and CU PD have been out in force. I have never seen so many Disco Parties involving U/L last weekend and tonight. Watch your speed, don't run the yellows, don't pick up on Broadway/Canyon/Arapahoe- pull on to a side street call the dumbass pax. Common sense, If you don't see cars...
  2. Mista T

    Pax entitled attitude

    I must admit, I don't often run into hard core entitled types. Pax around my parts are pretty friendly and easy going, even the drunks. But this woman raised my eyebrows in surprise. Residential area. Absolutely no traffic at all. I pull up to the corner and turn right. There she is, waiting on...
  3. Drive2bFree

    Sweet tip

    UberX job JFK to City for gas money before base calls me. She handed it over as if it were cash. Made me chuckle, but not bad tasting. I don't usually like caramel.
  4. Chapindc

    Drunktard throws food in driver's face

    If any of u have any videos u'd like to show the world; watch till the end of video
  5. M

    Entitled Cyclist Hogs the Road

    This guy actually claimed to be a cop and would "write me up right now." Until I pointed to the dashcam.
  6. Mista T

    Entitled pax, not a millenial

    Pull up in residential middle class area. I see the house that Uber indicates, but their markings are wrong so often that I sit parked on the street. Not a great distance away, just across from the driveway. Nice sunny day out, no wind or rain or chill at all. Middle aged woman finally comes...
  7. Talcire

    Had Another "I Won't Walk Ten Feet To The Car" Rider

    What creates this behavior? I arrive and pull over a bit to the right on a traffic free, normal width residential street. Pax is standing on sidewalk to my left. They just stand there. Then I get a little finger-twirl-gesture indicating I need to make a U-turn and align the car door with their...
  8. LowIQCrazyMika

    5 pax on UberX

    Why do these @@@@@@nozzles think I can drive 5 people in my camry? Why do they yell, scream, hit my car, curse at me when I say no? Why don't they understand, this is strictly a safety issue and a ticket for me? ...on top of it, these people aren't even skinny.. Stop being cheap and order XL...
  9. J

    The most satisfying cancellation ever (2.2x ride tho)

    At around 3.24am I get a ping to a bar/club in DC. Now, this is the usual time that bars and club close and surge hits and, traffic gets backed up pretty fast. I arrive at the location fast, but I was across the street where she put the pin. Now, if I were to ignore that and go to other side of...
  10. J

    Hate entitled pax

    I am in Washington DC market. I get a ping on a Saturday night from Georgetown. Anyone who has driven in Georgetown knows that it is busy in terms of traffic no matter what time of the day you drive and DC cops are all around the place because it is really closer to The White House. So, the pin...
  11. Kawiz03

    Funny Ratings

    Got thia gem today made my day lmao. Soooo sorry I didnt get out at Terminal A at DCA with tons of traffic and cops yelling at cars to put your bag in the trunk and the car smelled like car freshener :(:( Like I care stupid passengers they can goto....you know where
  12. AudiMan

    If one more pax gets in my car and asks for the AUX cord I will scream!

    What is it with these entitled pax? Almost every night one will ask for the AUX cord to which I reply that I don't have one. To which they nearly always reply with some shitty comment. They are never going to tip me not are they ever traveling more then 10 minutes away. Usually it's 18-22 year...
  13. the ferryman

    Lyft rider disappointed I wasn't Cash Cab

    So, I picked up this rider the other day and the person said that he wished someday that their Lyft would actually be a cash cab that paid them to ride......
  14. WeirdBob

    UMich ‘extremely disappointed’ by student who abused Uber driver

  15. MikesUber

    She's a harmless 3.8 star pax

    Man guys lol so I'm for some reason online with Uber (need the money :confused:) and *BEEP* request for some girl rated a 3.8! By far my lowest rated passenger. I'm so cavalier that I say let's do itt! I call her to make sure she's not blackout drunk. Sounds okay, check. Then she calls again...
  16. UberMeansSuper

    Oh, you're an Uber driver, too? 1-Star!

    First off, no, I don't automatically 1-Star self-identified Uber/Lyft drivers. But this guy earned it. Had just dropped off a rich couple who was going to a rich people party. No tip (but, of course). Ended that trip, hey, look, I'm in a 2.2 surge! Stopped at a QuikTrip to see what came...