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entitled pax

  1. LowIQCrazyMika

    Annoying Pax

    So first of all, pax put the pick up pin right at Florida Ave and Connecticut Ave NW. I arrive and no one is around, since this is a busy intersection, I can't just pull over and wait for the pax. So, I make a right turn and go a little bit further to find a spot to pull over so that I won't...
  2. SMH Uber

    Karma is the Sweetest Revenge

    Anyone have any great stories on awful,mean, rude riders and karma bites them back; like they forgot something in your car and you conveniently don't find it tossed in a sewer. :D:cool: Yea, me either...
  3. dirtylee

    Late Night Ratings

    For all those wondering, yes driving late night on weekends will tank your rating. Maybe it is the surge, drunkenness or simply @@@@@@baggery, you ratings will take a hit & there isn't shit you can do about it.
  4. afrojoe824

    Rider Feedback Issues is a JOKE!

    Are these pax being serious? I have a 4.88 rating and nothing but positive comments. People said it was smooth and comfortable ride. Then these Issues that were reported. These pax will do anything for a free ride. It's frustrating. But then the comments and my overall rating says these...
  5. afrojoe824

    Rider Orders Uber Pool - Complains it's not a mercedes picking her up!!

    Yesterday I picked up a 2.9x surge UberPool pax. Rated a 4.7 and decided it would be a good pick up. 2.9x multiplier with ok rating. Why not? I pick up the pax and she asks how much the fare was. I advised I do not know as UberPool is a set price. Explained to the pax that she would see the...