1. K-pax

    Do you play xmas music in your rig?

    How about wearing a Santa hat, candy canes or any of that? Do you have xmas lights inside your car? Do your pax like it if you do?
  2. VueBox

    A new way to earn cash while driving!

    Hey Guys, This is Alex and Ifi and we're ex-Uber drivers and the co-founders of VueBox. We're here to share a new way to earn money while driving! VueBox puts a free entertainment tablet in your vehicle and pays you $75 each month for driving with it, absolutely no cost to you! We partner with...
  3. Osaka88

    Katy Perry Concert

    Waiting until the surge storm hits the map on the AEC before I go online but almost 12 and no signs of a single orange hexagon. Guess it must be finishing late? I get the awful feeling I may have already missed the ending. It is awfully quiet here, no booming noise from the centre and traffic...
  4. Rakos

    G rated jokes...for those that can't remember most jokes

    I am bad at remembering jokes.... So I thought I would share a couple... And then others can share.... And then this can be used... For a joke in a pinch... I will start... Three mushrooms walked into a bar... Barkeep says we don't serve mushrooms here... The mushrooms spoke up...
  5. RedoBeach

    Totally Random, & not Uber, but Just Want Funny Comments

    Did any of you happen to see this recent picture of Pan, Saturn's moon? It looks like someone deflated it! O https://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/3005/cassini-reveals-strange-shape-of-saturns-moon-pan/
  6. Slat90

    Boredom as you drive pax on their phone conversations

    When I drove yellow I always kept myself entertained by listening on my headphones to YouTube,, podcasts and just learn things as I do my job and it helps ignoring pax annoying talks. With this kind of business my phone is hostage to the GPS. So do you guys do anything to keep you entertained...
  7. yeahTHATuberGVL

    Uber asked me for feedback...and I took the bait

    Uber sent me the feedback email today, and since I had some time to kill on the john, this long love letter happened. On a scale of 1-10, I selected 2 as pretty unlikely to suggest Uber driving to friends and family. Suggestions for improvement? *Ahem* Stop fighting with competitors by...
  8. P

    Looking for an Tipping app that uses square hardware.

    I have tried exploring Vugo and Tripcam which generally have good user interfaces and the tipping process (which is all I am interested in) is relatively simple. Tripcam's app is not compatible with square and you have to buy their hardware Vugo requires the use of a paypal account and that is...
  9. txtim1982

    Bop it! for Drunks... Really?

    http://www.wfaa.com/videos/news/nation/2016/01/27/79415698/ So they want us to buy a Bop it! in order to keep from being assaulted. That's awesome.