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  1. 1

    Atlanta Rideshare Insurance. I gotta couple questions.

    So I have an Enterprise Rental through Uber’s program which is ending this month for most (this week for me). Any suggestions on which companies have rideshare insurance. I know Geico and American Family Insurance. Just looking to see what you guys have and the absolute best rates you’ve found...
  2. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Uber-Enterprise Rentals DONE

    We are winding down the Enterprise Rent-A-Car program with Uber after a periodic review of our business strategy. We have enjoyed our partnership with Uber and Uber driver-partners, and we really appreciate your business. During this transition, we want to make sure we provide you with the best...
  3. sandber

    Renting through Uber Enterprise (BEaWARE)

    The first time I rented through the Enterprise program was last Fall I paid a $250 deposit and $242 a week for the car. It wasnt until 4 months later at tax time I discovered that my deposit was never returned. Guess they thought I wouldnt notice, and they were almost right. It took too much...
  4. Aset

    I got inot an accident! HELP!

    So, I just started with Uber on 11/04 and I got into an accident 11/11. This lady runs the red light and we crash. Of course, I called the police. The police gave her a citation. The rider gets rushed to the hospital. I am injured with no money. Blah Blah Blah! It was in an Enterprise Rental...
  5. Everette

    Using Enterprise/Uber temporary

    I started driving for Uber last week right before the SuperBowl and the only way I found I could do it was to go through Enterprise with the 210 a week cost. I have been on disability for several years and in order to survive in life I need income. On disability I only got 1117.00 a month so...
  6. Zorro_wrangler

    Uber-enterprise program. Thoughts?

    Uber-enterprise is trying a pilot program where you rent an enterprise car and drive around. The e-mail indicated the following that I summarized as bullet points Cons- - $500 "refundable" deposit -$40 application fee -$210 deducted weekly + taxes + fees -Approx 90 miles/day and .25 cents per...
  7. chi1cabby

    Uber and Enterprise launch Denver car-rental pilot to attract drivers