1. DollarFree

    City’s alive with Catchers.

    Careful out there, City Catchers everywhere in their poxy white carts and unmarked Interceptors, trying to catch & fine drivers for anything. Even saw one on 2nd @ Jessie I guess hoping you’ll stop for half a second on the bike lane trying to make the left. Hadn’t been DT for a month and saw it...
  2. unitacx

    Alexandria! enforcing "blocking traffic" law - $2500 fine.

    I got a $41 ticket in Alexandria (turned out to be $93) for "Blocking an active lane of traffic". That much I expected, as I knew I was blocking traffic, basically being a jerk. The cop said this is part of new enforcement initiative against "rideshare taxis", but the cop said he was letting...
  3. Frank Underwood

    Bronx TLC enforcement Hotshots!!!

    Be careful doing cash hails my brothers and sisters!! *149th St grandconcourse by the 2/4/5 train right by the post office and hostos college *149th St Southern boulevard, right next to 6train. They stand next to the pizza shop at the corner (usually a Puerto Rican looking guy) *Fordham...
  4. That Uber Dood

    TSC sightings

    Last night 3 man team Qantas departures approx 5pm - observing dropoffs for visible app. Today 2 man team Footscray station approx 11:30am requested ride using Ming pseudonym
  5. UberxGTA

    Enforcement Tips for MISS. Drivers

    Driver tips for picking up pax in Mississauga during anticipated enforcement : Drive at night; bylaw officers probably dont work at that time. Don't pickup 5* pax; could be new account created for enforcement purposes. Don't pickup from public areas like Mcds, tim hortons etc...residential...