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end trip

  1. Jared910

    Server Error, Cannot End Ride For 26 Hours Now

    For the last 26 hours, my Uber driver app has been stuck in a ride. When I try to end the ride, I just get "Server Error". I have tried literally everything to fix it, uninstalling app, turning off phone, resetting network settings, etc. All to no avail. This morning when I opened my app, I...
  2. afrojoe824

    Kicked out annoying rider

    Picked up pax last night in Marina Del Rey with 1.5x surge. Destination was to DTLA and I'm thinking what a sweet ride it'll be. As he got in the car, he then asks me what direction I'm taking and I said wherever the uber app takes me. He then requests to turn on waze, I hesitate as I hate waze...