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end trip early

  1. sicky

    What would you do in this situation?

    Last night (Saturday) I had a pickup at 1:50 am. They have an address in the the app that is about 7 miles away, but they tell me they want to drop off 2 people and go to another destination that will add about 15 miles. It was a Lyft Plus 250% prime time ride, which is equivalent to an UberXL...
  2. afrojoe824

    Kicked out annoying rider

    Picked up pax last night in Marina Del Rey with 1.5x surge. Destination was to DTLA and I'm thinking what a sweet ride it'll be. As he got in the car, he then asks me what direction I'm taking and I said wherever the uber app takes me. He then requests to turn on waze, I hesitate as I hate waze...