1. Lissetti

    Lyft, Uber to reimburse riders for surge prices during Seattle shooting

    Uber and Lyft criticized for automated surge pricing after Seattle shooting BY TAYLOR SOPER on January 22, 2020 at 10:37 pm Prices on Uber and Lyft rose to as much as five times normal rates in the immediate aftermath of a deadly shooting in downtown Seattle on Wednesday evening. The...
  2. C

    Wall Street Journal Reporter looking for DC drivers who have taken pax to ER

    Hi all, I'm a WSJ journalist doing an in-depth look at why people are using rideshare like Uber and Lyft to get to the Emergency Room. I'm focusing on the DC-metro area and looking for driver experiences. I was curious if any of you had driven distressed or injured pax and would be interested...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber Plans to Check Up on Idle Cars in New Safety Measures

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-05/uber-plans-to-check-up-on-idle-cars-in-new-safety-measures If you sit in an Uber car for too long, the ride-hailing company plans to check up on you to make sure all is OK. Uber Technologies Inc. unveiled on Wednesday meant to make trips...
  4. Y

    Emergency and need alternative ways to get instant pay now?

    I lost my card and bank will mail one out in 7 days but no card meanwhile. I ran outta gas and have $274 in my uber acct I want to instant pay. I saw people talk about ACE card or green dot. Please look at the following post this is what I'm talking about...
  5. Phasmatrope

    Still no way to cancel stops on a Pool/Line right?

    Wondering if anyone here knows if either Lyft Line or Uber Pool have changed things, so that you're able to cancel stops on either, without canceling the entire trip?? I mainly just ask because I just saw this Buzzfeed article about how pax are using rideshare instead of ambulances to get to...
  6. BurgerTiime

    If someone asks you to take them to the ER, you should cancel the request. Here's why.

    Passengers Who Call Uber Instead Of An Ambulance Put Drivers At Risk https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolineodonovan/taking-uber-lyft-emergency-room-legal-liabilities -Once in your vehicle, you may have exposed yourself to serious legal liability- Mike Fish was driving for Uber 10 minutes outside...
  7. Mary1978

    Help - my Uber driver drove off with my bag & wallet ...

    Went to pick up my son from school but when I returned the driver had left. My bag, wallet, credit cards, IDs are all in his car. I filled out the help form in the Uber App, and tried getting in touch with the driver - no response. Should I call the police ? Is there a phone number to reach...
  8. Soco

    National rate of ambulance (911) use DOWN 7%. Blame is falling to Uber!

    This was a news report on CBS this morning. People are requesting Rideshare for trip to hospitals saying we arrive faster and are a whole lot cheaper. Thoughts?
  9. Ahmed Nafis

    Attention (Help)

    what is better for me Making my 2016 Honda Accord as a TLC vehicle(uber) Or keep working as a yellow cab driver ..? (weekends only) In 20, a student, working part-time and I do have to think about the insurance of the car and maintainance too ..!
  10. Ahmed Nafis

    Help (Urgent)

    Hi..! I’m a new guy..! Used to work as a yellow driver. Right now I’ve got a chance to buy a car. Can anybody tell me from the beginning what should I do to register my car for TLC and then get certified to work with Uber/Lyft ..? My DMV license is more than a year less than 2 years And TLC...
  11. G

    Accidental Micturition :(

    I'm a rider and I have a really weak bladder... So I had this ride for an hour straight and I started to feel the need to go after 20 mins into the ride. The destination I went to was really far so the car was always on the freeway. I was so thankful that my driver drove really quickly on the...
  12. N

    Driver Safety: Panic Button

    Would you use a Bluetooth Panic button? There are many options for driver(s) safety. We do experience situations that warrant calling 911, when there is no imminent danger. One of the most common things we run into is the drunkard, who admits they should not drive and still wants you to take...
  13. Maven

    Lyft Drivers Pee Differently?

    I may be wrong, but I feel that Lyft drivers pee pretty much as frequently and in the same ways as Uber drivers. Please reply if you disagree. Most drivers (including myself) would prefer a nice, clean public restroom, know the local spots and their availability. Unfortunately, when "nature's...
  14. BurgerTiime

    People are hailing an Uber instead of calling 911 for emergencies and it could cost you your life

    Experts warn the public; the ambulance knows which hospital can treat your ailment. Some will not be able to handle your situation and you'll be rejected and they will call 911 and take you to one that can.
  15. Fireguy50

    Emergency phone

    Has anyone hidden a phone in the vehicle in case your primary phone is stolen? All phones must dial 911 even without a service contract by FCC law. https://www.fcc.gov/general/9-1-1-and-e9-1-1-services So I'm considering mounting one in the trunk. I've got older phones without plans but the...
  16. tohunt4me

    Interstate & Highways closed due to flooding.

    What do you think would happen if we had a mandatory evacuation for a hurricane with all of these road closures ?
  17. Kawiz03

    Emergency Button

    Is it me or shouldnt uber and lyft have a button in the app which can alert the authorities if there is a dangerous situation unfolding. We all have been there in the car in a area we arent to familiar with or with a crazy passenger. Just a thought but then again Uber/Lyft dont care about us as...