1. Pax Collector

    grYFT's desperate plea made me tear up....

  2. Pax Collector

    Love is in the air....

    In this case, the back of a Lyft ride :D
  3. J

    Trouble going online for the first time 'Mackay Driver'

    hi everyone!. since i have signed up to driver, the app has never allowed me to go online. it comes up with a message 'your account needs attention'. Now, my issues is with the support team. I have allow my documents perfect and the support has clarified on 4 different phone calls that its all...
  4. Pax Collector

    Brave man

    It took him a whole three days! Can you imagine? And top it all off, he still gets the jitters.
  5. Kurt Halfyard

    Pathological PAX & The $10 LYFT Bonus

    A strange PAX last night at 1:30am (I know, I know - that is when they come out to play.) Got a ping to a Motel 6 in Mississauga. It's pretty far - 7 minutes. It is a slow night and I have got a full battery, so why not, I think. Hotel pings at that hour are usually going to a strip club or...
  6. K

    Can't Log Into Uber Driver App...maybe it's a good thing?

    Just tried to open my Uber Driver app and it put me to the start-up screen, asking for email. Typed it in and it doesn't recognize it. Doesn't recognize phone number either. Anyone else have this issue? Any solutions? Been driving for about three weeks now. About ready to give this up. My...
  7. Bad Breath

    What do riders love to find in your car?

    They get a driver.
  8. Pax Collector

    Yes, I know...

    I'm still not taking your Slime requests and I think the community could use a little more waiting around.
  9. Pax Collector

    Bite me Gryft.

    So Gryft sends me this email saying "Your earnings won't change but you'll be able to see details". Lol I can already see details. I can't seem to figure out what else changed here.
  10. Kurt Halfyard

    Toronto LYFT Hub - Phone Number (or Email)

    Is there a direct phone number or email address for the Toronto LYFT Hub? There are somethings that cannot be addressed via their Call Centre in Georgia, and my hours prohibit stopping by the Hub in person. Anyone have Tim Houghton's email address?
  11. Jack Malarkey

    State manager, Henry, sends newletter email to drivers

    Henry, Uber’s state manager for the ACT and New South Wales, sent a newsletter by email to drivers on 31 October 2017. Note, in particular, the information about some changes to the rating system. (See also this Sydney thread originated by TONY-T for discussion about this aspect of the...
  12. K

    Email and phone number for Uber support in NJ

    Mw driver account was abruptly de-activated. I think its due to my Checkr report for my driving history. I can't even get the off-line driver page. It says "Your account needs attention". There is a "Contact support" link at the bottom but it just brings up the same page. I tried to email...
  13. App Reads Msgs Aloud!

    Do you use your phone while you are driving your car? (Other than Uber.)

    Other than the Uber app, do you use your phone to text, email, check WhatsApp, Facebook etc, while you drive? If so, do you feel guilty doing so? Check out this powerful video:
  14. Manotas

    email from Uber inquiring "if you drive for others"

    Did anyone else get this email? ... Also on a related note, I tried opening my driving summaries from Lyft via app and website and it's not available. huh? BTW the link to the email sends you to this site:
  15. UberLife2017

    Anyone gotten SURVEYS from UBER?

    I've gotten some emails with surveys. Yes I slammed them rate a 0 (zero) out of 10. I don't know if it'll do any good but at least it's a shot. PLEASE TAKE MY SURVEY. FYI I won't be Ubering again. I'm done 2 weeks was enough for me. Best of luck to you all. I do enjoy the forums so I'll...
  16. Redhurricane

    Contacting uber for Support

    Is there a way to contact uber support other than through the app? The app's options don't always cover the needs we have. And I've noticed the [email protected] email doesn't work anymore. Does anyone know? Thank you!
  17. N

    Problem with drivers license

    Problem with drivers license I have been driving with Uber every day for a year and 4 days ago uber requested that I submit a copy of my drivers license even though I already have a license on file and it is not due to expire until May 2017. I have resubmitted a picture over five times and...
  18. R

    Uber Partner Support

    Did Uber change their partner support email? When I email them I'm getting an automatic response email claiming that nobody reads those emails now.
  19. H

    Emails sent to the support email get replied to by robots

    Hi everyone Is anyone else experiencing the frustration of the scripts that get sent back to you from the support email address ?. How do you actually get a human being to answer you ? I am a driver in Sydney with a real issue I need to discuss but all I get is "Great question! Happy to...
  20. E

    How do I contact Uber?

    I am attempting to contact Uber about a wrongly calculated trip. Last time I sent them an email it said that Uber no longer uses email and will not reply. Is there a alternative email(s) or another way?