email from uber

  1. C

    No More Boost in Baltimore?

    I got an email Saturday saying there is no more boost in Baltimore, instead they are going to do some sort of added quest layered on top of everything for rides in Baltimore. "Starting this week, you’ll see changes to your promotions. You may be able to earn extra on each trip that begins in...
  2. UberTaxPro

    Just received this email from Uber this morning......

    Making Earnings Easier to Understand Hi xxxxx, Our commitment to you is to be clear and straightforward about your earnings. We’re making a number of changes that will make your earnings easier to understand and access. We will also be updating our driver partner agreement to more clearly...
  3. Manotas

    email from Uber inquiring "if you drive for others"

    Did anyone else get this email? ... Also on a related note, I tried opening my driving summaries from Lyft via app and website and it's not available. huh? BTW the link to the email sends you to this site:
  4. L0new0lf

    Email from Uber on 2017. Q&A Feb 16th

    I've learned a lot from drivers like you since I joined Uber 5 months ago. And I can assure you that everyone at Uber has heard your feedback loud and clear. We're focused on making noticeable improvements fast, and continuing to listen and regularly address your concerns moving forward. The...
  5. yeahTHATuberGVL

    Uber asked me for feedback...and I took the bait

    Uber sent me the feedback email today, and since I had some time to kill on the john, this long love letter happened. On a scale of 1-10, I selected 2 as pretty unlikely to suggest Uber driving to friends and family. Suggestions for improvement? *Ahem* Stop fighting with competitors by...
  6. Zap

    Uber email Support Terminated?

    Sent an email to Uber Support, got this response:
  7. Kawiz03

    Uber "Just Checking In"

    Got an email today for Fuber since I haven't driven for them for two weeks, asking me if everything is ok and to reach out for any concerns.. Newsflash Uber I did and you guys did nothing no boost, hourly or incentives and no surge in the DMV..what a joke..anyone get this clown email?
  8. Sarlacc

    Question about Incentives

    Hey all, I'm in the Chicago market and received an email on June 30th saying that if I driver a certain amount of trips this 4th of July weekend, I'd get a bonus. For 10 trips the bonus is $50, for 20 trips the bonus is $100, and for 40 trips the bonus is $300. So I got out there noon Friday...
  9. Reversoul

    Charming email from travis

    My wife signed up for uber about 2 months ago but never took a fare. She got the inactive threat email and it said "uber needs you, false". It seems uber isn't even trying to hide the fact they hate us drivers anymore. Honestly, that subject header was rude and unwarranted, but I expect that...
  10. BillyGoat

    Payment adjustment for trips at LAX

    Howdy folks, Long time lurker, first time poster. Take a look at the email I got today from uber that chaps my hide to add insult on top of the helpless frustration we (drivers) feel. Here's a copy/paste of the text. ------------------------------------------ Due to technical issues, your...
  11. cleansafepolite

    All communications with uber come from the Philippines, at slave wages and long hours.

    Why do emails from uber suck? Becuase they are written by Filipinos working long hours for slave wages with large quotas. These people who are working for between 200 and 600 U.S. dollars PER MONTH. They are responsable for all research into claims and all writtwn emails. If you get an email...