1. circle1

    Had Clinton Won Then Anybody Saying This Would've Been Ignored By The MSM!

    Well, now that status-quo crowd didn't get their candidate into the White House, we finally get to see what is really going on with electronic voting machines!! Had Clinton won, this story would've never seen the light of day in the Main Stream Media! "The computer scientists believe they have...
  2. SMH Uber

    How's your rating since the election is over?

    Mine is tanking. But so have my rating of the passengers too.
  3. drive&survive

    2016 election, who you going to vote for?

    So here is my take, I'm going for Bernie, Hillary cited before that Uber/sharing economy are bad bla bla bla... but recently David Plouffe (Uber's policy advisor and board member) is endorsing her and that's scary. Uber've not endorsed here if there wasn't anything for them, right? Any way my...