1. Driveroptimization

    What are your thoughts on Autonomous vehicles replacing you as a driver

    I am curious to find out what the community thinks about Uber's & Lyft's expressed strategic goals of replacing drivers with autonomous vehicles
  2. Phonepeddler

    Trying to improve efficiency. Add your two cents!

    After reading this morning I'm wondering if I am making the most use of my time. I live in Silverlake so I don't have to travel far at all to start working each day. This morning I left at 7 a.m. did not get a pax until 7:30 with absolutely no surge appearing in Koreatown except for the promo...
  3. Bob28

    How Much Does an Uber Driver make in Melbourne (the Ultimate Guide)

    JUST ANSWER THE POLLING ??? If u keep weekly records Gross fare is what passenger pays Uber divided by total km driven per week. = gross per km The best way to compare your performance with your fellow drivers This week for me 1109.93 / 860 km=$1.29 per km driven Started researching how...