1. C

    If any of you are the type to go to music festivals

    Taking PAX with me while going to and from EDC each night basically covered my expenses for the weekend plus a little extra, I don't know why I haven't done this before. Essentially got paid to go see some of my favorite musical acts. Gonna do the same thing for Life is Beautiful
  2. V

    After dropping off at EDC in 11pm tonight (6/18/17 Sunday),

    it took an hour to get out of EDC Uber lot. We who decided to leave there were stuck because they created the Traffic Jam ON PURPOSE so that they could keep us around LV Speedway, I think. Sunday 11pm ~ , they do not need us on the Strip, but they definitely want us to stay on EDC Uber lot...
  3. Jim Krukowsky

    Is anybody else annoyed that uber took a service fee from the $500 EDC incentive??

    If you were able to complete the 7 pick ups last week at edc, congratulations. I'm salty, though. above and beyond the 7 pickups and the bonus $500, I gave two rides. My ending net earnings after the weekend were $688. So far I have had a pointless back and forth nonversation with uber support...
  4. TomInVegas

    Biz License Checks @ EBC? True or Disinfo?

    So we had one Uber People poster here recently claim that traffic/law authorities would be checking TNC cars arriving or staging at upcoming EBC 2016, for their mandatory Nevada State licenses or Clark Co. Licenses. Woe to those who could not produce. The poster claimed this aired on KTNV news...