1. Kurt Halfyard

    What Does PART-TIME entail on U/L/Eats/Skip/DD?

    I was reading Penn State's 2019 Research paper on PART-TIME RIDESHARING, and how they do not quantify part-time work as "NUMBER OF HOURS" driven, but rather how dependent the driver is on the income of gig-economy. i.e. Driving 35 hours, but the NET$ only amounting to 3% of your annual...
  2. BurgerTiime

    According to economic views; UBER’s valuation is “closer to ZERO”

    Full article: Six economic reasons to hate Uber Many economists love Uber. They look at the quasi-taxi company’s aggressive disruption of local monopolies as a...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    This is How An Electric Vehicle Can Work For RideShare

    PAX: "Is this an EV?" Me: "Well, it is, until it isn't." This is the beginning of a conversation that I have at least 10 times a week with riders on LYFT. I certainly do not mind this conversation, as I started doing this side-hustle to maximize the utility of a depreciating asset (my car)...
  4. HiDuuken

    Freak-onomics 91.3FM

    Talking a lot about Uber today.
  5. Maven


    The very name sounds sinister. Is it part of a global conspiracy to enslave mankind? Will the Dollar, the Euro, and all other nation-backed currencies soon be supplemented? Are you Team Bitcoin, Team Ethereum, oppose both, or still undecided / uninformed? The value of a single Bitcoin is almost...
  6. RideshareSpectrum

    For all the Naysayers... Rethinkx and the TAAS economy.

    Dont know if it been mentioned or discussed here before... this is an in depth white paper called Rethinking Transportation by RETHINK.X, a think tank that studies and models disruptive technology. It's about the advent of AOVs and the economic implications thereof. An excerpt: 'We are on the...
  7. A

    An Assessment of the Profitability of Uber with a Prius: A Narrow Win

    Hello Community, I wanted to share my experience driving part time on the weekends with Uber. I drive during surge with a used 2014 Toyota Prius C mostly in La Jolla and Pacific Beach, San Diego. I would estimate I worked about 30.5 hours total from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night for two...
  8. circle1

    How Uber Drivers Decide How Long to Work

    How Uber Drivers Decide How Long to Work New York Times, By NOAM SCHEIBER - SEPT. 4, 2016 "The ride-hailing company Uber is best known for upending the taxi industry. Now it may be making waves in the economics profession as well. For nearly 20 years, economists have been debating how...
  9. D

    I assert you are paying to drive ubers passengers for about half of minimum wage.

    I assert you are paying to drive ubers passengers for about half of minimum wage. It costs money to operate a car. Uber's product to its passengers is your car being driven by you charged by the minute and the mile. What does it cost to operate a car per mile? Posts on this forum i have read...
  10. Tenzo

    The Economics of Uber Drivers

    Everybody is angry that Uber is cutting pay, that many drivers are losing money. You can rant / threaten /gripe all you want, but it is simple economics. Uber needs X number of drivers to meet demand at any one time (X can be variable depending upon conditions). Too little and they will start...