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  1. Maven

    Jamming GPS Signals

    http://gizmodo.com/jamming-gps-signals-is-illegal-dangerous-cheap-and-e-1796778955 July 24 2017 by Kashmir Hill Jamming GPS Signals Is Illegal, Dangerous, Cheap, and Easy I ordered it on eBay. When the four-ounce envelope arrived from New York three days later, it looked innocuous enough. It...
  2. Nicole From Cups

    Increase your hourly driving earnings by 33% or more!

    Hey Drivers, Nicole and Chris from CUPS here to tell you about our Driver Ambassador Program, which can boost your driving earnings with minimal effort! CUPS is an app people use to buy coffee from New York’s best independent cafes. We work with over 230 shops around the city, bringing them new...
  3. cleansafepolite

    dont hold the mayo

    the mayo clinic and cancer treatment center in scottsdale is great for long rides and they always tell me how long it takes thier uber to arrive. Merry Christmas...you will make money and provide a service to someone who doesnt want to hang around that rotten place anymore than they have to...