1. smallcarBIGCITY

    PCO Licensed drivers wanted; Do you love classic cars, London and people?

    Do you love classic cars, London and people? If so, we want to hear from you! smallcarBIGCITY are recruiting! We need PCO licenced drivers that are looking for additional work and can start immediately. £15p/h, no car hire fees, no circuit fees, we pay for all fuel, insurance and maintenance...
  2. R

    THE ANSWER TO " How much can i make with uber "

    okay lets break it down to a realistic figures monday to wednesday working between 1pm to 6pm wil get you around £13.50 an hour, thats having a 5 min cigarette break every 1hr, Early morning will get you around £18-£20 an hour from 4am to 9am. thursday similar hours basically £15-£16 an hour...
  3. Gord B

    Complete 2 minute driver survey for chance to Win $50 Gift Card

    Hello! I am collecting responses to a short survey as part of an academic study conducted by The University of Minnesota about ride-sharing and entrepreneurship. The survey will take no more than a couple minutes of your time, and you can optionally enter to win one of five $50 USD Amazon Gift...
  4. FierceNsafe

    The Green Monster chut pattern liao!

    Declare war already, wanna know more pm me, the green one strikes heavily at his arch enemy, LCR also ok, Dont need to say too obvious later i kena banned for promoting other app, poor LCR slaves this is your chance, On top of that i will throw in my own tips n tricks how to score big...
  5. Delivery_Plus.

    Drive for Delivery Plus, a new delivery app, and earn when you want!

    Hi Drivers, We’d like to introduce Delivery Plus, a pick-up/delivery app looking for drivers in the LA area. The service involves driving with pick-ups and deliveries scheduled through the app and signed for at the delivery end. You earn 80% of each ride and some rides have multiple drop off...
  6. CJA

    Is it worth it

    I am a truck driver currently. I was approved this morning to drive for Uber, and I was wondering if anybody could give me an idea of what kind of income I'd be looking at if I did uber full time. I know some people aren't happy but I know there's people who are successful at it and I would like...