1. ZenUber

    What, where, when, why, how?

    I kid you not. These are real questions I have been asked by pax. Why can’t you give me both names? Can you wait while I finish this cigarrette? Why can’t you pick me up where I’m at, instead of the pin? Why can’t we bring open beer in the car? Why don’t you like loud music in the car? You...
  2. johnydynamic

    Dumbest Things Passengers Do.

    I’ve been driving part-time over 3 years. During that time I’ve learned, among other things, how stupid Pax can be. Pax that call you up and give you crap on the way to the pickup and then expect you to show up. This weekend I had just headed towards a long pick up when the phone rang. It was...
  3. DreamCity305

    Lux is dead (even worse than before)

    I live in Aventura and I noticed how packed the area was Friday so I finally decided to turn the app on since Irma. I was online for 8 hours and only got one lux ride in the amount of $11. So I went home thinking Saturday would be better. Saturday = $40 dollars and only because I've switched to...
  4. UberAnt39

    Dumbest Pings

    Who's got the dumbest Pings off Uber?
  5. SafeT

    Desperate SUV drivers in all catagories (SUV, BLACK, XL)

    Just keep requesting XL until you get one of these desperate dweeb FUbers fools for the cheap.
  6. UberxGTA

    Stupid Pax Questions.

    Post your stupid/inane pax questions and funny/suggested answers please. Do you drive F/T? Do you drive P/T? Do you have a Day job? How long have you been driving for Uber? What's the pax craziest story? Can we stop at McD's? Can I feel you package???? Can I eat my breakfast in the car?????
  7. Ray L

    Now You Can Get an Uber Motorcycle

    Taken from online Time article; http://time.com/4235241/uber-motorcycle-bangkok/ If you're in Bangkok, at least Uber passengers on Thailand have a new way to get around: as of Wednesday, the ride service has added motorcycles to its offerings in Bangkok. The Thai capital marks the first...