dumb driver

  1. Kawiz03

    Why you running??

    Sitting at the DCA pigpen for a potty/smoke break when I see an ant in line for the bathroom get a ping and take off running like a dog after a ball for a ride didnt even use the bathroom like seriously dude wtf you running like 2 minutes will make a difference..stupid ants
  2. SideHustleGig

    $1 a day can feed an Illiterate Uber driver words to read

    Dropped pax in lifetime fitness parking lot in Culver city then had a run-in with the lot watch dog/jockey/attendant. Lot dog screaming at the top of her lungs: don't drive there! Don't stop there! don't drive there! Scumbag Uber driver aka Me: sorry ma'am I can't hear what you're saying...
  3. Lost In Translation

    I am stupid . . .

    The Uber Stickers go on the INSIDE of the Window with the words UBER facing INTO THE VEHICLE and the Chinese Coin logo facing out.. I got it all wrong. I am feeling stupid.
  4. afrojoe824

    Idiot Lyft drivers at LAX

    Just dropped off a pax near LAX. Checked arrivals and there seems to be 5 planes landing in the next 30 minutes. I say cool maybe I'll wait at the lot.. Until I see this s***... Staging lot on JENNY is OVERFLOWING with Lyft drivers. No parking space and they're taking up the TCP drivers...