1. Kawiz03

    Turn off your headlights!

    Dear fellow Uber and Lyft drivers turn your lights off when your waiting at the airport cell phone lots instead of blinding the person in front of you! I know just a rant while I wait in queue... Uber on people
  2. S

    DCA/IAD Pickups

    Can someone either tell me or direct me to the rules for picking up PAX at either DCA and/or Dulles? Thanks!
  3. 3for3

    Dulles (IAD) app arrival issues

    I have issues with the app locking up at the airport. If i pull up to the arrival location at the pick up point the app will not automatically arrive it so i manually swipe "confirm arrival" on my Android but it locks up and wont go "Green"for me to start the trip so i have to sit still and...