1. Teddy Brown

    where are the Uber Lyft and Sidecar meet ups

    Hello I am new to the TNC business and am looking at hitting up uber , Lyft and Sidecar meetings and sign ups. is there a list somewhere how do i find out where the meetings are held. cheers
  2. T

    Uber as 2nd PT job for college student

    I'm a 21 yr old female with a good driving record moving to LA at the end next month because I'm transferring to a school there and eventually I would like to become an Uber driver once I settle in (probably around summer time). Luckily I already have a PT job waiting for me since my company is...

    Lengthy Surge, But No Pings

    Seriously.. How come the surge is on early today, set up and waiting on someone to send a request, yet no pings coming through? I'm in position, been home for a bit monitoring the demand, saw it was over 2x for a good half hour, went out, found a great spot... for what? If ima catch up on...

    New Uber Service

    **New Duber Service** -Introducing a new late night "DOOBER DRIVE-TRHU"- Now providing great service with a smile to your late night local Pax (MORE LIKE LOCO PAX), anywhere near you. !!MUTHA-FUHKAZ!! Shieeet... I told them stank asses they "BETTER act right and think twice if y'all ever...