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  1. Edman

    Another liabiltiy for UBER? What do you think?

    I broke my rule and picked up UberPOO yesterday. NEVER AGAIN!!! I accepted and picked up UberPOO 1 after another. So now I have 2 pax in my car. Just dropped one pax and ABOUT to drop off the other pax, so I can RELIEVE myself(Emergency/Mother Nature Calling). However, about 5 minutes before...
  2. R

    Uber XL size?

    Hello, I was wondering if a Uber XL car would be able to fit a flat package 72 inches by 52 inches by 4 inches depth? Also, I just read a thread about customers who don't want to tip, I think this is not right. I'm a customer and I always tip the driver. I know that they are too many cars now...