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  1. T

    I wonder what the turnover is?

    I remember speaking to a Uber driver a few months ago who told me he was thinking of leaving the job after a bad experience. Apparently he had picked up 3 young guys from the cricket all with their shirts tied around their waists and holding beer bottles. They then proceeded to wind down all...
  2. WeirdBob

    When Uber becomes a [email protected]#$% JOB! Poor Uber Gil!

    Just say "NO!" to cloth seats. https://soundcloud.com/connie-wray-gaudard/when-uber-becomes-a-sh-job-poor-uber-gil?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook
  3. SHARK

    Is everyone today getting all kind of @@@@@@ed stoned pax???

    Every pax I picked up today looks stoned and out of his FF mind The latest 2 guys when pulled over to pick them up one opens the door another one jumps in like you know swimmers dive into the water the same this 200lbs dumbass jumps into and lays on the back seat then the 2nd pax jumps on him...
  4. Nenee

    Crazy drivers last night

    With 2 wks ofndriving under my belt I have been calling it quits at around 1am when it's busy. I usually stay in Miami Beach. Last night I decided to spend some time in fort Lauderdale, wow what an experience. it felt like cops are there to babysit college kids and keep them from jumping in...
  5. Lyft_94110

    Drunken passenger didn't give a destination until I insisted

    A valuable lesson I learned on this board came in handy last Saturday night: get destinations from drunken people as soon as possible in the ride. I picked up a couple at a bar in the Marina District, which is like the Castro for straight people -- lots of drunken hooking up. The man was very...
  6. SafeT

    Can we guess YOUR Uber rating? Take the test...

    Someone created this little non-sense test to help riders guess their ratings. Click on the 'Let's Play' button to begin. http://www.citrusbyspc.ca/2016/02/can-we-guess-your-uber-rating/
  7. SafeT

    Should you require a good tip to return a lost phone?

    If you think the answer is yes, you may want to consider this. Ex-Uber driver charged with trying to extort money from passenger http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-ex-uber-driver-charged-extortion-20160128-story.html
  8. Jdemonto

    Pax gets $1114 uber ride on nYe

    Wha wha Wish it was me :( http://jalopnik.com/uber-charges-drunk-new-years-eve-customer-1-114-71-for-1751034144?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  9. HHTJ

    REASONS why im pretty much done!

    2 main reasons: Summary: In order of importance 1. Drunk people (spontaneous, unpredictable) 2. App keeps crashing while enroute, or during route, or after drop off. (need to reboot phone constantly or i started using 2nd phone for gps) 3. Drugs or contraband in my own vehicle planted or...
  10. SafeT

    Ok noobs, quite letting riders put too many passengers in your car

    I had 2 groups of 7 or more for XL in last two days. The typical entitled 20 something that thinks Uber is a Luxury $500 limo service and anything goes. No it is a $5 limo service with rules! The first group I counted as I rolled up and cancelled after they refused to get another Uber for the...
  11. dfpgreg

    New Driver with Questions

    I've done about 50+ trips my first week. Trying different areas around OC at different times. The first night I did $122 in 5 hours which I was good with. The following day I did $42 in 6 hours online. I decided to try the bar hours/drunks and did $66 in 5 hours. I did my first weekend last...
  12. Uberdepreciation

    Anyone get one of these?

    I will transport anyone with a disability but drunks?
  13. UberMeansSuper

    Drunk Suburb Girls

    It was 2:00 AM, just dropped off a really tipsy guy in a suburb of Fort Worth. I am contending logging off, since I do live in Dallas over 40 miles away and at this rate, I could end up anywhere. I pump gas ($2.09/gal! I can't pass this up!) and forgot to log out so I get a ping back to the bar...