1. mrpjfresh

    Upset and refused drunk shatters windows trying to open locked door

    Might have to rethink talking to certain riders even though cracked windows it seems... Crazy. Summary: From reddit. Driver in West Hollywood refused a rider because paxhole was too drunk. Rider throws a tantrum and breaks window trying to open locked door. Paxhole runs off. Uber temporarily...
  2. Delsan19

    Pax called me after ride ended

    So this is a first, and I need advise on whether it would do any good to report it. I picked up two older guys at Waffle House. They were in town for meetings and had been drinking since happy hour. During the 10 minute ride they were flirting, telling me I was too pretty to be driving Uber...
  3. Derpdederpdederp

    This is why I don’t drive drunks

    I always drive in the morning so I don’t have to deal with puke and weirdness but this is on another level. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2019/01/23/passenger-grabs-steering-wheel-uber-dashcam-mxp-vpx.hln
  4. mrpjfresh

    Lyft Driver Orders Unruly Pax Out, Pulls Knife When Threatened

    I don't recall this being posted (almost two months old at present), but I came across this on YT and thought this a good teachable moment from many aspects. Just a little bit of background here before people jump in. The woman was allegedly a working girl and was possibly looking to turn a...
  5. D713

    Drinks in cars

    ive heard folks talk about never letting pax in the car with drinks - rideshare guy and such chat about it often on their podcasts. I personally do not give a damn. If pax spill it’s the same as vomit and will he treated accordingly. Also, from a rider perspective, when my friends and I...
  6. Mista T

    Uber Driver stories: Part One

    Ready for some stories? -> ---> -----> -------> ---------> -----------> -------------> Homeless girl About once every 6 months I end up with a homeless person in my car somehow. Recently my turn came up. I pulled into a mini-mart for a pickup, 2 young women get in the car. The one in...
  7. pizza guy

    The Blue Wall

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/lake-county-news-sun/news/ct-lns-waukegan-police-traffic-stops-st-1013-story.html Cop blew a .17 and they let him order an Uber home. Better yet if you watch the video at about 8 minutes they have audio and video of a cop moving the car off the street while...
  8. DontCaravan

    The Bartender Drunk Dump

    I tried to avoid Muirfield drunks. Just not my crowd. I ended up over at Yogi's though and sure enough the second pickup there was a huge problem. The bartender escorted the lady out, sat her in the back seat, and grinned as he ran away. So I try to verify address in the app is correct. She...
  9. FormerTaxiDriver

    Transporting Drunks is Not My Responsibility!

    If anyone thinks I have to haul somebody that can't help themselves to the car, I won't be dragging his butt up to the door at drop off! Have fun on Super Bowl Sunday, MADD! ;)
  10. DontCaravan

    Legal Question About Drunks

    Last night bartenders were carrying a patron out to my car. They collected the money to get the person to this state and the plan was to dump the problem on me. This person needed medical attention, not an Uber. I left just as they were approaching my door. There was no way I was taking on this...
  11. Mista T

    Poll. Which is worse, day or night drunks?

    Have encountered quite a few day drunks this weekend. They seemed exceptionally ruder than I'm used to (from drunks). Is it just me?
  12. Wraiththe

    Bad riders, does it hurt me to rate them poorly (some examples)

    Hi, Don't like to complain, but this week I have learned a few things. 1 is to not end a ride until you are driving away. 1) 1 passenger was stupid drunk... took me to a closed location on a lake and then would not get out of the car, did not know who he was or where he lived.. had to get the...
  13. zselonika

    What would you do?

    Hello Uber poeople, I'm sure something like this has happened to some of you out there and I'm just curious how some of you handle it just because Uber's rules seem so vague at certain times. I picked up a drunk married couple from the Wharf the other night and my Uber app crashed. I was in a...
  14. smoran26

    Providence/RI Saturday night bar rides

    So many have told me to go do the Fri/Sat late night bar scene in Boston Is there any similar bit of business on Saturday night in Providence/Pawtucket/Woonsocket for bar goers needing rides home? I got a few pax last Saturday night in Woonsocket, but wasn't out long enough to really try the...
  15. SarnXero

    Drunk guy touched my steering wheel while fumbling for radio or AC controls

    Picked up a group of 4 extremely drunk passengers from a bar. It was raining and one kept putting the window down in the back and I kept putting it up telling him "Its raining bro, I got leather seats. Gotta keep it closed." He then tells me "But I beefed man! You wanna smell my beef?" I...
  16. Queenofthepak

    Hollywood Idiot

    So, I left the Roosevelt 20 minutes ago, where I was supposed to be doing an XL pick up. I talk to the guy on the phone he says hes on his way down. He doesn't show up I call him again and he tells me hes in the Maserati already. What Maserati? You ordered an XL! This idiot jumped in somebody's...
  17. TheRush

    Moving to the Atlanta area.

    Well I am currently working in the winston-salem, nc market with uber and lyft. My main nights are the weekends and mostly the wake forest collage crowd. We are putting the house on the market and moving just north of atlanta. And I would like to keep up the extra weekend income. Is uber or...
  18. Le6end

    Drunk vometing in car ? How much does uber charge ?

    Got a question ants ? How much does UBER charge a PAX ? When a pax vomets in car ?
  19. DriveSOFLA

    St Paddy's Parade 3/11/17

    Is it worth the effort & chance of green beer vomet to work the St Paddy' Parade in Delray Beach tomorrow. Seem like it would be a lot of short rides with drunks!
  20. QLDUberDriver

    New Uber National Campaign

    If anyone ever wanted proof what level of quality riders use Uber these days, the campaigns done by a Gold Coast agency sums it up. "Our brief was to make it relatable for a mass audience", more like mass morons. The fact that they seem happy to be on MTV placed along shows like "Spring break...