drunk rider

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    I kicked out drunk couple

    UBER. Usually I don't pick up pax from bars but last night I had to complete 40 trips, so I made an exception. This couple came to my car from a bar. Just couldn't tell how drunk they were before they got in my car. The woman laid down on the back seat. There was a reek of wine (we don't drink...
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    Aggresive drunk guys squeezing 5 in an UberX

    After what happened to me 2 weeks ago I vouched I am not picking up anymore MALES at night unless they're alone and that varies. Actually I decided I will not work anymore nights after 9pm unless I am doing airport trips. Every night that I have worked I end up arguing and cursing with a group...
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    How do you deal with unconscious passengers?

    Hi all. Full disclosure. I'm a writer for an Aussie website, and I'm working on a story about personal safety on a night out. I'm curious, how do you deal with unconscious passengers? I understand it can be difficult to do while ensuring you protect yourself from any liability. Feel free to...
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    Dudes getting grabby with female drivers...WWYD?

    On the eve of Memorial day I picked up a rider in Beaverdale around 2 am-ish. It was bar closing time and I knew that whoever I was picking up would be drunk but I didn't care because the majority of my riders were. The trip started out bad right off the bat because I couldn't see him. So I...