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drunk paxs

  1. J

    Almost got into a fight with drunk

    This was a few months ago, I was driving at around 10pm when I got a ping in Greensboro, NC. I stopped by a strip club and knowing my luck I had two drunks in my car. No biggie as I was used to it at the time.. I could hear them talking to each other of the Pax celebrating his birthday. I...
  2. Joseph Solomon

    How do YOU deal with drunk/late night passengers?

    Hey everyone, I’ve seen some commentary about it on here before but I wanted to make an official post about it to see what everyone has been doing regarding drunk passengers. Do you cancel the ride upon seeing their staggering demeanor? I was pretty afraid of wasting a few hundred bucks...
  3. B

    How do you deal with unconscious passengers?

    Hi all. Full disclosure. I'm a writer for an Aussie website, and I'm working on a story about personal safety on a night out. I'm curious, how do you deal with unconscious passengers? I understand it can be difficult to do while ensuring you protect yourself from any liability. Feel free to...
  4. Jamila

    Uber Virgin

    So last Saturday I had a trip that took me to Fullerton and after I completed the trip I know picking up two guys who evidently was in a bar drinking they told me to welcome to their hood and I told them what hood this is the word for the white people I was like OK then so the guy asked me how...
  5. FAC

    Violent Pax

    Not sure if I'm venting or seeking advice. I posted earlier asking if you throw a Pax out earlier after I encountered 4 highly intoxicated men from Chicago wanting to tip me by performing different sexual acts upon me. As I said in that post they were harmless just drunk horny jerks. Well I'd...
  6. FAC

    Can you end a ride early and throw a Pax out?

    I typically stop driving around 10pm to avoid the drunks. Friday I did my first 10-2am drive. Nearly everyone drunk but happy go lucky drunks. Then I had a group of 4 men visiting from Chicago. Midway through the ride the three in the backseat started offering to perform very explicit sexual...
  7. Michael - Cleveland

    Your best (worst) drunk pax stories

    CIncinnatiDriver asked (paraphrased) "how bad can driving a drunk passenger be?" Please share one story from your rideshare experience transporting (or not) a very, very drunk passenger.
  8. UberReallySucks

    How to handle drunks by Uber...

    Uber strongly suggests that you try to remain calm and professional throughout every ride. If a rider is attempting to provoke a confrontation, it’s best to remain cool, use non-threatening words and even a friendly tone of voice. If possible, try to enlist the assistance of a sober (or less...