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drug test

  1. M


    Hi all! Is anyone aware of a labcorp that do TLC DRUG TEST during the weekend? I don’t need an appointment, I have a letter from TLC for a walk in. Please advise! Thank you!
  2. Sheik Hasan

    Annual drug test appointment

    It’s totally stupid system from TLC, probably I’m running late for the annual drug test, and when I found it, I’m trying to call that number to get an appointment. And it’s been couple of hours I’m trying to talk with someone. After holding my line 20-30 minutes, they just hang up. Still now I’m...
  3. P

    Waited Too Long

    I was supposed to take my drug test before April 1st to avoid suspension and never got around to it. Tlc compliance said my license would be suspended if I didn't. Finally took it today but Idk if my liscense has been suspended and I don't want to risk driving and getting pulled over. Is there...
  4. Charlie Schwartz

    Help - roommate smokes weed

    I just found out. His room has always had a very strong odor, and now I know what it is. Suppose we shared an actual room - which we don't, but it seems I inhale that smell for hours each day, so it's almost as if we do - what's the likelihood that I'll fail the drug test? I have abt 4 months b4...
  5. tootsie

    How much is physical and drug test

    Howuch did you all pay for physical and drug test