driving times

  1. D

    Driving in the middle of the day

    Hey, I just started driving again since last Winter, but my first time living down here in Denver. I drove Boulder in my off season (winter) last year and it was pretty slow during the day (10 am - 4 pm). I never drove super early and usually stopped because of traffic for rush hour, then drove...
  2. U

    Only if you earn >$130 per day

    Hi peeps, Everyday, I start driving around 4pm to 11pm and sometimes to 12am. Taking into account times spent on dinner and toilets, I’m struggling to make more than $130 most of the days. was thinking here some drivers may give me some hints by just telling me what their driving hours are...
  3. Badluck13

    Weekdays best driving time?

    I drive Mon thru Fri from 4am to 10am and do ok. But after that I feel like I'm wasting my time. Do I need to be downtown late afternoon or what? Thanks in advance
  4. D

    New jersey driving LIMIT?????10hrs??

    ANy concerns or questions please go to link below.
  5. jayoncé_

    Best times to drive in PGH?

    Hey all! I've been driving Uber for a bit now. I started in Aug 2015, drove for about a month and then took a hiatus. I recently started driving again this past week; mainly because I need the extra money. The problem I am having is trying to plan accordingly so that I minimize my losses (gas...