1. Overuber

    ATO Targets UBER drivers
  2. KVan

    NC Uber Drivers lawsuit, update

    There are currently 14 plaintiffs officially opted in to class action here in NC. signup link: article: case...
  3. eyewall

    Too many drivers in this market!

    I have been driving the Burlington/VT market part time since August 2015 (Back when it was $2 a mile). I have noticed now there are just way too many drivers out there and earnings have plummeted. Even worse is they don't seem to understand how to let a surge ripen before popping online. They...
  4. C

    Is Being an Uber Driver Being Your Own Boss?

    Hi all! I am a young researcher and I was impressed to find out about this forum where you guys help each other with advices and ideas. I am very curious to know if you feel as an entrepreneur driving for Uber and if yes, why? I would really appreciate if you could share some stories with me...
  5. AllenChicago

    Uber & Lyft Pay Declines as Better Educated Drivers Leave.

    November 23, 2016 A newly completed study by JP Morgan Chase, shows that Lyft and Uber are lowering the amount of money they're paying U.S. drivers. As a result of the pay cuts, combined with a growing economy, the better Uber/Lyft drivers are now finding "real" jobs. Full Story...
  6. SlaveWager

    Uber to employ former PROSTITUTES and other ex-criminals as drivers

    'This means that ex-sex workers can take to the road, as well as people who have convictions for harassment, resisting arrest, petty theft or minor property damage. The rules have already come into force in California but will be rolled out in Connecticut at the beginning of next year.'...
  7. Aussie_Mike

    Gold Coast

    Bump if you would like Gold Coast to be added to the Australian Cities List. +1 Mike
  8. BurgerTiime

    Would-be Uber driver's car catches fire on major road in Canberra
  9. BurgerTiime

    Uber drivers keep getting arrested in LAPD stings
  10. KVan

    NC driver Class Action sign up

    If Drivers in NC want to join current driver plaintiffs in existing NC class action suit contact Brittany Weiner 646 380 9555
  11. KVan

    NC Uber Driver Class Action sign up

    If Drivers in NC want to join current driver plaintiffs in existing NC class action suit contact Brittany Weiner 646 380 9555
  12. Charlescharles


    Who needs 2 weeks off
  13. Jason R. Coleman

    Number of drivers?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to tell how many drivers there are in Nashville? It seems like it's so hard to get a ride these days...Are there too many drivers?
  14. Arriel

    Why are there so many drivers out?

    seems to me like there are a ton more drivers out this morning then they're usually are. It's only 3:30-4:30 in the morning. Usually by now there's already been a few pulses of surge pricing downtown, this morning... nothing if these are new drivers they need to realize that they have to shut...
  15. E

    Survey Questions for Ride Austin Drivers from UT Students

    Thanks in advance for anything you can tell us! Your responses will be used for a study of Ride Austin's business plan. 1. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the greatest), how satisfied are you with driving at Ride Austin? 2. How often do you experience any form of contact -- emails, calls...
  16. circle1

    Uber; Rewarding or Punishing via Tracking and Watching Drivers?

    So, put yourself in the shoes of multi-billionaire investors & the hired-gun $110,000/year executives in charge of ensuring their Return On Investment. With the technology now in place, monitoring your every move is de rigueur. Hell, we can be fairly certain that a few members on this website...