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drivers license

  1. Lawrence Marino

    Not able to get DL approved

    Tried 6 times to send a NY State Drivers license for approval. Keep asking for sharper. Had to use Photoshop and all its sharp tools plus and a Graphics scanner. No luck.
  2. goldenstate415

    When your driver license is about to expire (tips)

    Figured we all have to AT LEAST deal with the DMV once every 5 years if we're lucky. I just renewed because I had an expired license for a month. Anyone have a system in place or a good experience with visiting the DMV or accessing online resources to renew?? Here's the renewal guide I used...
  3. N

    Problem with drivers license

    Problem with drivers license I have been driving with Uber every day for a year and 4 days ago uber requested that I submit a copy of my drivers license even though I already have a license on file and it is not due to expire until May 2017. I have resubmitted a picture over five times and...
  4. kraftlos

    Expired license

    So I was out of town and forgot to renew my license. I came back and found myself locked out of Lyft and Uber. No problem, I renewed my license and sent in my temporary license. Both rejected my license. I had to email Uber several times before getting them to accept my license. Lyft is still...