drivers earnings

  1. ReyesMX6

    The cat is out of the bag! If they would only report on drivers earnings....oh the things that you can think...
  2. Uber-John

    UBER admits cheating NYC drivers out of $45 million

    Funny how their "mistakes" are always in their favor. Full story... Brief: Uber admitted on Tuesday that it underpaid its New York City-based drivers by millions of dollars over the past two and a half years, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The...
  3. Uber-John

    Uber. Does any of this make any sense? Really?

    I wrote this as a response to a member and decided to start a thread on this... Bottom line, think through this entire plan, weigh in your driver experience, add in some basic common sense, and take a look at a bit of history. You decide! Would love to see some active opinions here! Cheers --...
  4. circle1

    How Uber Drivers Decide How Long to Work

    How Uber Drivers Decide How Long to Work New York Times, By NOAM SCHEIBER - SEPT. 4, 2016 "The ride-hailing company Uber is best known for upending the taxi industry. Now it may be making waves in the economics profession as well. For nearly 20 years, economists have been debating how...
  5. chi1cabby

    A national media outlet will pay for your tax return preparation for an article on Drivers' Earnings

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