drivers compensated

  1. BAKAD

    Forbes article - Finally someone is writing about the drivers

    Good article about drivers pay. "While Uber Invests In Lobbying And AI, Drivers Are Fighting For Decent Pay" Article Here
  2. historyteacher

    Uber takes 40%+ of every ride

    So I was bored last night and decided to punch some numbers from the days rides. I looked at how much riders were paying, Ubers cut, and my earnings and I was amazed. For example, one ride cost a rider $9.35. I made $3.75. There was $0.27 that went to something called "3% Transportation...
  3. JerseyBoy911

    It Just Got Real....

    Hey all, I really enjoy reading all the posts. Lots of good info by what's seems like good people. I want to extend the more time.. to join the chat I posted in the other thread. We are finally going to meet, a group of us,...this is where it gets real and I'm not talking about...
  4. Uberduberdoo

    Safe Driver Fees, now that sounds about right.

    Additions are welcome. With a "Safe Driver Fee" or SDF a 1$ base fee plus .10 cents a mile, added to the fare, drivers would be compensated for but not limited to: 1. An extra $1.10 for the 1 mile ride. 2. That empty return trip. 3. Marketing efforts. 4. Air fresheners. 5. Car washes. 6. Four...